Thin Client Software: Finding The Best VDI Solution

Thin Client Software: Finding The Best VDI Solution

Finding the right Thin Client Software or Zero Client Software is equally as important as finding the right VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) devices themselves. If you work in Information Technology and have anything to do with VDI solutions, you are probably already aware of this. But, have you really given any thought as to what to look for in a VDI software management tool? And if so, how do you know when you’re getting the best? Whether you have or have not thought about these concerns, the below list can help.

Here’s an overview of what you should look for in software management for both Thin Clients and Zero Clients:

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VDI Solutions: The Differences Between a Thin Client and Zero Client

VDI Solutions: Thin Client and Zero Client

“Thin or Zero?” That is the question.

Are you about to consider a Thin or Zero Client VDI solution and are still a little unclear on their differences? Or, have you just never really understood the exact differences between the two and would like to know, once and for all? Either way, you’re not the only one. Knowing the differences between these client set-ups really helps the decision-making process in terms of selecting your potential VDI solution for your organization, whether 2, 100, 1,000 desktops, or more.  Continue reading

VMware Horizon View Client 2.0 in NoTouch 2.35.41

10ZiG NoTouch 2.35.41 was released on March 16, and it includes VMware Horizon View client 2.0 (formerly called VMware View client) not even a full day after VMware had released the client binaries. 10ZiG NoTouch Desktop allows people to repurpose their existing PCs into Thin Clients or diskless workstations for VMware View, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, Microsoft […]

10ZiG Technology Partners with AMD, Launching Industry Leading Thin Client Computer at VMworld 2015

10ZiG Technology introduces the all-new, 7800q Series Quad Core Thin Client Computer; available to demo at VMworld 2015, booth #2609, in San Francisco August 30 – September 3. PHOENIX, Arizona – VMworld 2015 attendees will have good reason to be excited this year when visiting the 10ZiG Technology booth with the introduction of the industry […]

Developing a Viable Proof of Concept (POC) of a VDI

Developing a viable plan for proof of concept (POC) of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) naturally begins with establishing and clarifying your company’s primary objectives in implementation of the virtual desktop interface. Obtaining conclusive results in testing depends on ensuring that requirements of budget, system performance, and timeline expectations are realistic, measurable, and crystal clear. […]

8 Pieces of Sci Fi Tech That Will Soon Be Real

Motorola Biostamp American multinational telecommunications company Motorola is developing technology, which aims to remove the need to enter passwords and replace them with a phone being close to human body. The tattoos, called Biostamps, contain flexible electronic circuits. They were initially designed for medical purposes but could be used for consumer authentication purpose in near […]