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Thin Clients

What Our Customers Say About Us

"Fast,easy, stable, fun (yes, you make thin clients fun!)"

Dave Dodds, Scythe & Spade

"… everyone sees how 10ZiG Thin Clients have dramatically heightened reliability with high accessibility – you hardly ever see my staff in the lab because there’s hardly anything we need to touch in there. It just works!"

Ted Malos, IT Director, Ventura Unified School District

"We have been replacing our Wyse thin clients with 10ZiG thin clients and our applications have been running smoothly. The 10ZiG thin client manager also makes it very easy to maintain all 10ZiG thin clients"

Mike Halaychick, MVP Sports Clubs

"Installation was faultless! We literally plugged them in, put an image on them and it took. No time at all. It was one of the best technical support experiences. The support has been second to none. It has been absolutely outstanding!"

Paul Roby, ICT Innovation Manager, St. Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School

"The response time for Purchase Orders is very quick! I like to work with 10ZiG. And Bosanova are good products."

Monica Villa, Perobeli S.A.

"Money is tight. Energy savings is one of the big pushes so we're looking for energy savings across the board. These have been fantastic for reducing energy usage especially when we're taking replacing computers that are 8-10 years old and definitely energy hogs."

Derek Moore, IT Manager, Campbell Union School District