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September 29, 2010
BOSaNOVA Plus Version 8 Released with Windows 7 Compatibility

May 3, 2010
BOSaNOVA Secure Version 8 Released with Windows 7 Compatibility

April 13, 2010
e-Twinax Controller Fully Compatible with New IBM i/OS 7.1 Release

January 19, 2010
10ZiG Technology Rated Top Vendor For Customer Satisfaction

January 6, 2010
Next Generation Ethernet Terminal Available from 10ZiG Technology

December 7, 2009
10ZiG Announces Acquisition of BOSaNOVA System i Connectivity Product Operation

May 13, 2009
10ZiG Technology Voted By Customers As One Of The Top Technology Vendors For Customer Satisfaction

April 29, 2009
BOSaNOVA Announces Name Change To 10ZiG Technology

March 12, 2009
Aqua Connect and BOSaNOVA Launch $17,000 Green Campaign Giveaway

March 3, 2009
BOSaNOVA Thin Clients Are Now VMware Ready Certified for VMware View

February 12, 2009
BOSaNOVA's line of VDI-Ready Thin Clients Enable Enterprise-class Virtualization with the Leostream Connection Broker

January 15, 2009
BOSaNOVA Enhances Printing Capabilities on Thin Clients with ThinPrint

December 23, 2008
Upgrade Path Available to Neoware Customers from BOSaNOVA

November 17, 2008
BOSaNOVA Releases New Model of their Q3 Storage Encryption Appliance

October 15, 2008
Aqua Connect and BOSaNOVA Team Up to Deliver Green Desktops to Mac Users

September 4, 2008
BOSaNOVA Partners with 2X Software to Provide New Line of Thin Clients

May 28, 2008
BOSaNOVA Introduces New Line of Thin Clients Designed for Citrix XenDesktop™

May 12, 2008
Ericom and BOSaNOVA Alliance Enhances Thin Client Access with Presentation Virtualization (SBC) and Desktop Virtualization (VDI)

March 30, 2008
BOSaNOVA Transforms Linux Thin Clients

March 30, 2008
BOSaNOVA Announces New IP53 Compliant Wireless Tablet Thin Client

March 18, 2008
BOSaNOVA Releases New Management Software for Thin Clients

February 20, 2008
SSL 5250 Emulation Available on BOSaNOVA Thin Clients

January 10, 2008
BOSaNOVA Announces Performance Upgrades on Their Thin Client Line

November 26, 2007
BOSaNOVA’s Tape Encryption Hardware Solution Achieves System Storage Proven™ Status

November 8, 2007
BOSaNOVA Updates Its State-of-the-Art Encryption Appliance to Support Multi-Devices

October 2, 2007
BOSaNOVA Joins PCI Security Vendor Alliance

August 7, 2007
BOSaNOVA Announces New Tape Drive with Built-in Encryption

July 10, 2007
BOSaNOVA Partners with Matrox to Provide Multi-Display Thin Clients

May 30, 2007
BOSaNOVA Thin Clients Now Available with New Citrix ICA Client

April 30, 2007
BOSaNOVA Announces New 10” Wireless Tablet Thin Clients

April 10, 2007
BOSaNOVA Announces Partnership with Raz-Lee Security

February 26, 2007
BOSaNOVA Unveils Storage Security Device to Protect Consumer Data with Encryption

February 12, 2007
BOSaNOVA Enhances Printing Capabilities on its Linux Thin Clients

January 28, 2007
BOSaNOVA Enrolls in Citrix Ready Initiative to Further Define Commitment to Citrix Community

January 17, 2007
BOSaNOVA Releases New Series of High Performance Thin Clients

January 10, 2007
BOSaNOVA Announces Two New Additions to the RBT Series Thin Client Line

December 12, 2006
BOSaNOVA Announces New Wireless Tablet Thin Clients With Double Storage and RAM and Lower List Price

October 20 , 2006
BOSaNOVA Expands RBT Series with the New RBT-816 Thin Client

September 17, 2006
BOSaNOVA Announces Partnership with Biometric Leader, Valid Technologies

September 17 , 2006
BOSaNOVA Announces Agreement with CA to Enhance Security for Thin Client Computing

July 25, 2006
BOSaNOVA Announces New CE.Net Thin Client, the RBT-320

May 1, 2006
Free OpenOffice on BOSaNOVA LTC-1000 Thin Client

March 29, 2006
BOSaNOVA Announces the BOSaNOVA Mobile Solution

March 26, 2006
iSeries Access for Linux Available on BOSaNOVA Thin Clients

February 21, 2006
BOSaNOVA Announces New Series of Thin Clients

January 31, 2006
BOSaNOVA Announces “The Rabbit” a Smaller, Faster, Cooler Thin Client

December 12, 2005
BOSaNOVA Enhances base configuration spec on their flagship thin client, the XTC-1000

September 29, 2005
BOSaNOVA Inc. makes Honor Roll on LTC 1000 thin client

September 19, 2005
BOSaNOVA Inc. announces new member of thin client

September 19, 2005
BOSaNOVA Inc. expands operations into Europe

September 19, 2005
BOSaNOVA Inc. announces iSeries Console line

June 16, 2005
BOSaNOVA Inc. Enhances Security Features Across its Product Line

April 20, 2005
BOSaNOVA Inc. Enhances Thin Client Software

March 14, 2005
BOSaNOVA, Inc. Releases Cross Run Terminal Server Enhancement Tool (PDF)

March 14, 2005
B.O.S. Releases BOSaNOVA Secure, Four-in-One Set of Tools for Centrally-Managed Single Sign-on for iSeries (PDF)

October 18, 2004
BOSaNOVA, Inc. Becomes Exclusive North American Distributor of Launcher/400 Office and SQL

October 18, 2004
BOSaNOVA, Inc. Now Shipping Wireless Thin Client Tablets

October 18, 2004
New Entry-Level "Classic Thin Client" Completes Full Spectrum of BOSaNOVA Thin Clients

August 26, 2004
B.O.S. Controller Keeps Major Pharmacy Filling Prescriptions During Hurricane Charley Outage

August 10, 2004
BOSaNOVA Unveils New BOSaNOVA 1000 Series Thin Clients

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