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New Wireless Tablet Thin Clients


BOSaNOVA recently announced two new Tablet Thin Clients.

410XP Tablet Thin Client
IP53 rated, 10.4" touch screen, 3.5 hour battery life, built-in stand, full screen 5250, rich I/O port array for application expansion

810XP Tablet Thin Client

IP64 rated, 10.4" touch screen, ruggedized industrial strength case, optional bluetooth and GPS built-in, full screen 5250


For more information on BOSaNOVA Thin Client options, contact your authorized distributor or contact us directly at or call us at 866-865-5250.


BOSaNOVA Transforms Linux Thin Clients


BOSaNOVA announced the availability of their newest release of Linux thin clients last week.


The upgraded Linux firmware boasts a new ICA client and ICA PN Agent Client Version 10. BOSaNOVA worked hand in hand with Citrix to develop a proprietary PN Agent for published applications. In addition, support of Provisions Networks VDI client is included with the new release for connection to a connection broker in a virtual desktop environment.


Additional features include integration with VoIP (Skype) on our LTC-1300, new technology allowing for increased performance, and a new interface providing a Vista look and feel. Many other updates have been added. Visit our website for more details –


Read the full press release here.


For more information on Linux thin clients, contact your BOSaNOVA authorized distributor or contact BOSaNOVA directly at or call us at 866-865-5250.


New BOSmanager Enterprise Edition


BOSaNOVA recently announced changes to their thin client management software, BOSmanager. Two versions are now available:


BOSmanager - Comes standard with all BOSaNOVA thin clients and supports up to 250 users.


BOSmanager Enterprise Edition - Advanced features include:

- Ability to form common operations on groups to configure and update multiple devices

- Create, modify and restore thin client configurations

- Scheduling firmware updates

- Integration with CrossRun Management Console

- Can be run as a service

- And more

Visit us online for more information and to download the trial:


For more information, contact your BOSaNOVA authorized distributor or contact BOSaNOVA directly at 866-865-5250 or email



Visit BOSaNOVA at the Citrix Synergy show, booth # 402.




What You Need to Know About Encryption With V6R1


There are many changes in V6R1 from V5R4 and it will take time to fully comprehend and understand the implications of them all. Based on briefings and COMMON presentations from IBM, we’ve outlined some important points to think about if you’re considering implementing V6R1 for tape encryption.


Read complete whitepaper (pdf)

View article online


Visit for more information on our Q3 storage encryption device.


Best Practices for Choosing and Implementing a Storage Encryption Solution


Companies are now beginning to realize the importance of protecting all sensitive customer data. Just last week backup tapes were stolen from University of Miami, exposing confidential information of 2.1 million patients.


The only real way to protect your backups is through encryption. This whitepaper outlines why you need to protect your stored data and what you need to look for when considering a backup encryption solution.


Download this whitepaper now (pdf)


For more information on storage encryption, contact BOSaNOVA at 866-865-5250 or email


Resource Center


BOSaNOVA's online resource center is filled with whitepapers, articles, videos and more on thin clients, security and iSeries connectivity topics.


View the resource center today!


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