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Happy Holidays from your friends at BOSaNOVA

As this year comes to a close, all of us at BOSaNOVA join in wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday and prosperous New Year.

We hope you had a successful 2007. Thank you for your business.


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Q3 Achieves System Storage Proven™ Status


BOSaNOVA announced last week that the Q3 storage encryption appliance has been confirmed as an IBM System Storage Proven Solution. The IBM System Storage Proven program demonstrates the compatibility and interoperability of IBM storage with other vendors' hardware and software products allowing customers to better identify solutions to address their storage needs. 


For more information on the Q3 storage encryption appliance, contact your BOSaNOVA authorized distributor or contact BOSaNOVA directly at or call us at 866-865-5250.


Small, Energy Efficient Thin Clients


The RBT Series offers increased performance in a compact package. Assembled in the USA, these thin clients weigh less than 1 lb allowing you flexible mounting options and lower shipping costs. And the robust and fan-less construction allows for quiet and reliable operation.


All RBT thin clients are now available with the AMD LX 800 processor for increased performance.


For more details on our RBT thin client line, view our comparison chart.


For more information, contact your BOSaNOVA authorized distributor or contact BOSaNOVA directly at 866-865-5250 or email



Q3 Encryption Appliance Now Supports Multi-devices


The multi-drive firmware for the Q3 range is designed to allow users with specific configurations to use a single Q3 tape backup encryption appliance to handle data from up to four drives. Each drive can be set to either secure or run in transparent pass through mode, (allowing tapes written in clear text to be read by the system). Each drive is controlled independently and full status information for each drive can be displayed on the GUI supplied.


The GUI and unit auto configures dependent on the number of connected drives and allows robotics controls to be passed through on a fifth SCSI address or LUN. The unit remains transparent to the operating system and backup software making for a straightforward integration and operation.


Visit for more information on our Q3 storage encryption device.


What you need to know about IBM's LTO4 with encryption


The announcement from IBM that they would be the first-to-market embedded encryption in their new LTO4 tape drive appeared at first sight to offer the way forward in dealing with the continued loss of private and confidential data. This article looks at the possible issues of using this approach and offers some alternative options. For iSeries users the IBM offering would appear to be a straightforward solution but when looking at this in detail several issues become clear.


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For more information on LTO4 with encryption, contact BOSaNOVA at 866-865-5250 or email


IBM is eliminating SNA in V6R1


IBM is withdrawing support for SNA on Twinax devices in V6R1. Preserve their investment in Twinax with the BOSaNOVA e-Twin@x Controller. The e-Twin@x Controller is the only SNA-free, pure TCP/IP Controller in existance. The Controller works on any System i hardware and it's V6R1 ready.


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To learn more about the e-Twin@x Controller, contact BOSaNOVA directly at 866-865-5250 or email