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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is one of the hottest topics in IT today. BOSaNOVA Thin Clients and virtualization work hand-in-hand to provide many benefits including reduction in energy consumption, easier management, and improve total cost of ownership. Below are our recent announcements regarding VDI.

Ericom’s virtualization solutions are now available on BOSaNOVA thin clients
With Ericom’s PowerTerm WebConnect - the  cost-effective alternative to Citrix – BOSaNOVA thin client users will have secure and centrally managed access to applications and desktops running on Windows Terminal Servers, Virtual Desktops (VDI), Blade PCs and legacy host systems.

BOSaNOVA Introduces New Line of Thin Clients Designed for Citrix XenDesktop™

XenDesktop is a comprehensive desktop delivery system that offers an unparalleled end-user experience, dramatically simplifies desktop management and reduces the cost of traditional desktop computing by up to 40 percent.


Thin Client / Desktop Virtualization Podcast with Robert Hammond from BOSaNOVA

In this podcast Doug Brown from and Robert will discuss BOSaNOVA's thin client solutions for desktop virtualization and server-based computing (Citrix) environments.


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New 2X Thin Clients


BOSaNOVA’s new Thin Clients, 732X and 762X models, are available in multiple hardware options and are complete with 2X software featuring simple remote management, published applications, reporting and diagnostic tools, PXE boot, load balancing and more.


Features include:

  • Manage users' connection settings centrally by user, group or department
  • Limit users to Citrix or 2X published applications rather than giving access to a whole desktop
  • Run Citrix & 2X published applications on the same desktop
  • Multiple full desktops per ThinClient
  • User and client usage reporting tools

Download 2X software trial

Read the full press release here.



For more information on our 2X thin clients, contact your BOSaNOVA authorized distributor or contact BOSaNOVA directly at or call us at 866-865-5250.


Changes on the XPe thin clients


Boot times on BOSaNOVA XPe thin clients have been reduced considerably due to hardware improvements. The new XPe thin clients boot approximately 40% faster than the previous hardware.


CA's eTrust Antivirus is no longer available on BOSaNOVA XPe thin clients.


Windows XP Thin Client
Windows XPe-based thin clients for simple, secure, cost-effective delivery of Windows applications throughout your organization, including BOSaNOVA's award-winning IBM-certified BOSaNOVA TCP/IP TN5250e emulation for IBM iSeries (AS/400).
[ 600 ] [ 816 ] [ 1300 ] [ 360 Tablet ] [ 310 Tablet



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Green Desktops to Mac Users



BOSaNOVA Thin Clients now allow the ability to deploy Mac applications via a terminal server with Aqua Connect. Administrators can install Aqua Connect on a Mac OS X Server machine, load the applications they want to access, and then make them available over the network accessible via energy efficient BOSaNOVA thin clients.


Read the full press release here.


For more information, contact your BOSaNOVA authorized distributor or contact BOSaNOVA directly at 866-865-5250 or email



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