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Q3i - Backup Tape Device with Built-in Encryption

10ZiG's Q3i is a secure tape drive that provides complete security for backups with built-in encryption. The appliance requires no system or software changes and can be used with LTO2 and LTO3 media. Installation takes only minutes and key management is strong yet simple.

The Q3i is so easy to setup it overcomes the issue of sending data offsite unsecured. Simply send the unit with the encrypted backup tapes, then send the soft keys by a separate method. This way you don't risk data being compromised in transit to third party suppliers/customers.

Due to recent government regulations companies are now required by law to protect consumer's personal information. Regulations like HIPAA protect consumers by requiring that their critical personal data is secure at all times. California Senate Bill 1386 goes one step further by requiring that customers are notified immediately when there's a suspicion that their personal data has been compromised. This can be as simple as a tape lost in transit.

  • Up to 800 Gbytes compressed capacity
  • Pre-compression
  • Unique dual interlaced encryption modes
  • Works with any host that has a SCSI LVD, SCSI HVD, iSCSI or Fibre Inteface
  • Option to encrypt your archive offline
  • Support IPL from tape
  • Works with any backup software
  • Transparent to operating system
  • GUI configuration software

  • View brochure (PDF)

Visit the Q3 resource center for more information and to learn more about how to secure your data at rest.

Contact us at 800-866-6267 or for a free 30-day trial

Contact us at 866-865-5250 or for a free 30-day trial or for more information.

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