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Clark County, Nevada was founded in 1909 and named after U.S. Senator William Andrews Clark. Senator Clark was instrumental in the founding of the city of Los Angeles and of the Salt Lake Railroad, both components that fueled development and growth of the Western United States. Today, Clark County is the most populous county in Nevada with two-thirds of the state’s population calling it home. Perhaps the reason for Clark County’s longevity and continued growth is that its most famous resident is Las Vegas. The county’s motto is “Living Relentlessly, Developing Economically!” The Clark County District Attorney, Family Support Division, serves a population of over two million residents. The mission statement of the Clark County D.A. is to “Improve the lives of families by engaging and empowering parents in providing continuous support for their children.” This is accomplished by locating parents, establishing paternity and enforcing child support and arrearage orders. The unique responsibilities of the Clark County D.A. include having access to very sensitive personal information and the need to process and store this data in a secure environment. John Bauman, Systems Administrator, and a fifteen-year employee of the D.A. office, had to balance these factors with his other job functions. Bauman’s other job functions encompass hardware research and purchase recommendations, configuration, upkeep and reliable operation of the servers and a number of other IT operations.

The Challenge

Complete Endpoint Partner

With over 20 years of experience in Thin and Zero client hardware and software solutions for VDI, Daas, SaaS, and Web Apps, 10ZiG provides the expertise and support you need to optimize your remote operations. With 10ZiG, you get a single, reliable partner committed to your success from the first call through ongoing customer support.

Free Management Tool

Our 10ZiG Manager™ is browser-based, cloud-ready, and allows you to deploy and manage all of your endpoints running a 10ZiG OS. The 10ZiG Manager™ is feature-rich, secure, and intuitive, and comes with unlimited user licenses.

Complimentary Repurposing Software

10ZiG RepurpOS™ is our purpose-built Linux OS that sustainably extends the life of, or converts existing PCs, laptops, and third-party thin clients. Devices are transformed into dedicated, managed, secure, and responsive endpoints for VDI, DaaS, SaaS, and Web Apps.

Unparalleled Support

From initial contact, during your Proof of Concept (POC), deployment, and ongoing management - our team is always ready to help you get the most out of your 10ZiG solutions. We pride ourselves on our top-tier customer support, offering personalized assistance every step of the way.

  • Upgrade and replace EOL Tera1 Zero Clients with new Tera2 units to maintain compatibility with VMware Horizon
  • Maintain security and integrity of network to protect valuable personal data
  • Protect cost effectiveness by staying within budget

Bauman was facing the challenge of upgrading a number of outdated Dell Wyse P20 Tera1 Zero Clients. Tera1 is considered “End of Life” (EOL) by its chipset manufacturer, Teradici, and is no longer officially supported by VMware as of Horizon 6.0.1 with View. “The reason that I had to upgrade all of our units is because I needed to upgrade to Zero Clients that had Tera2 processors. Tera2 processors are what is required to upgrade our VMWare ESXi and Horizon Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) farms to more current versions of VMware Horizon,” stated Bauman. 10ZiG delivers Tera2 Zero Clients with PoE (Power Over Ethernet) capability. Tera2 Zero Clients deliver high-performance, security and manageability on PCoIP hosted desktops for VMware View®, PCoIP remote workstations. Compared to Tera1 units, Tera2 units deliver substantial performance enhancements, including: Quad Display Support, stronger AES256-bit encryption with Smart Card support, up to five times the VDI pixel performance, and an average power consumption of only seven watts. “Before using 10ZiG, we did not have the capability to use PoE for our Zero Clients. With the use of the 10ZiG PoE and when an occasional power shortage occurs in our area, the units stay up and running because of the backup UPS system that the network switch is on,” said Bauman. Bauman continued, “I learned of 10ZiG through our IT vendor, Solutions II, here in Las Vegas. I chose to go with 10ZiG over the competition after researching a number of different hardware vendors. I took advantage of the 30-day free demo program from 10ZiG to thoroughly evaluate a number of their units. In comparison, there were distinct features of the Dell Wyse P25 that were not appealing:

  • A separate stand has to be purchased for the Dell Wyse P25 unit for it to be placed in a vertical position.
  • The Dell Wyse P25 unit only has one DVI port and one DisplayPort connector. A dongle has to be purchased separately to add another DVI port, whereas the 10ZiG V1200-P Zero Client comes standard with two DVI Ports.
  • The Dell Wyse P25 unit has only one audio out jack and it’s in the front of the unit. The 10ZiG V1200-P has two, both one in the rear pf the Client.”

The Solution
10ZiG Endpoint Hardware

A Partnership Defined by Success

When asked if he would do anything differently, Bauman stated, “There is nothing that I would do differently. I demo-ed the 10ZiG hardware against the competition and worked with 10ZiG support, it was an easy business decision to go with the 10ZiG product. I would recommend 10ZiG to other companies, besides the great hardware, the 30-day no obligation, no-hassle demo offer, the sales and support service is very knowledgeable and professional.”
John Bauman
Systems Administrator

Secure Your 30-Day Free Demo

Test your device for free with no obligation and no credit card so you can feel confident 10ZiG is the right solution for you.

Secure Your 30-Day Free Demo

Test drive your 10ZiG device in your own environment with no credit card and no obligation.

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