The Company

With 21 unique four-star hotels in the UK, QHotels offer stays in both countryside retreats and at the heart of the city. With over 2,900 bedrooms across the UK, QHotels has been awarded the ‘Gold Standard’ & ‘No. 1 Large Group’ awards by VenueVerdict, as well as achieving ‘Which? Hotel Chain of the year’ and Green Tourism Accreditation.

The Challenge

Complete Endpoint Partner

With over 20 years of experience in Thin and Zero client hardware and software solutions for VDI, Daas, SaaS, and Web Apps, 10ZiG provides the expertise and support you need to optimize your remote operations. With 10ZiG, you get a single, reliable partner committed to your success from the first call through ongoing customer support.

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Our 10ZiG Manager™ is browser-based, cloud-ready, and allows you to deploy and manage all of your endpoints running a 10ZiG OS. The 10ZiG Manager™ is feature-rich, secure, and intuitive, and comes with unlimited user licenses.

Complimentary Repurposing Software

10ZiG RepurpOS™ is our purpose-built Linux OS that sustainably extends the life of, or converts existing PCs, laptops, and third-party thin clients. Devices are transformed into dedicated, managed, secure, and responsive endpoints for VDI, DaaS, SaaS, and Web Apps.

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From initial contact, during your Proof of Concept (POC), deployment, and ongoing management - our team is always ready to help you get the most out of your 10ZiG solutions. We pride ourselves on our top-tier customer support, offering personalized assistance every step of the way.

  • Fat PCs causing an issue in terms of maintenance
  • Budgetary constraints, could not replace all of them at once
  • Device solution had to support range of PC hardware as well as remote setups

QHotels had invested £600,000 in CAPEX at their Data Center, including an upgrade of their Citrix environment to XenApp 6.5. In order to reap the rewards of this investment, they needed a hardware agnostic desktop solution that allowed for streamlining of their application delivery across multiple PC platforms. The solution had to solve issues surrounding the day-to-day management, visibility, and future replacement of desktop devices company-wide, while providing a mirrored experience throughout. David Kelly, IT Director at QHotels said, “Along with three Engineers, I manage the IT systems throughout QHotels which comprises of 470 desktops across 22 sites. Throughout the company, we cater for over 800 staff and have traditionally used the Citrix ICA client to provide them access to our remote applications on PCs running various Windows versions. Following our Data Center investment, we decided to look for a desktop solution that would allow us to take full advantage of our new XenApp environment.” QHotels had never been brand loyal when it came to purchasing desktop PCs and had accumulated a wide range of models. Kelly explained, “We have always purchased based on price as the PCs have traditionally only needed to connect to the ICA client. I would say that we have around 30 to 40 different models of PCs across QHotels, running different versions of Windows. The biggest problem with this setup was that apart from VNC, we had no remote visibility of our desktops and our Engineers would sometimes travel 200 miles just to stick a CD in and build a PC. Site visits like these weren’t economical when you took into account the time and money spent achieving them. It was a huge factor in our decision to look at a new desktop solution.

The Solution
10ZiG Repurposing Software and Thin Clients

A Partnership Defined by Success

By implementing 10ZiG’s cross platform repurposing solution, QHotels can now oversee their desktops remotely. In addition, their implementation of 10ZiG Thin Clients has given them a true futureproofed solution which allows them to move away from desktop PCs to more agile, manageable, and secure desktop hardware. 

Kelly listed some of the benefits that QHotels have seen since purchasing 10ZiG hardware and software, “Out of all the benefits we have seen from implementing the 10ZiG solution, the visibility we have achieved over our desktops has made the biggest impact. Processes which have historically been time consuming and resource intensive have become simple and efficient. For Engineers to add a new desktop at our remote sites we simply ship out a 10ZiG Thin Client and ask the user to plug the unit in themselves. Once in, we just deploy an image remotely and they are ready to go. Enabling our Engineers remote access has saved them valuable time which they can now use to add value to QHotels elsewhere.” 

The 10ZiG Team has visited QHotels at various stages throughout their project. Furthermore, the QHotels Engineers have also visited 10ZiG’s UK Head Office to work alongside the 10ZiG Engineers in order to solve any ongoing integration challenges presented to the devices. Kelly also cited this as a plus point of 10ZiG over his experience with other vendors, “I am pretty certain that we would not have been offered the chance to utilize testing facilities and Engineering staff from many other vendors, if any. This further enhanced our impression of 10ZiG. 

“There are also a host of other benefits that we know we will see from the 10ZiG solution in the future, including the increased lifetime of the devices. Once we have a full 10ZiG Thin Client environment, we will have an agnostic hardware solution that isn’t limited by the life support of a local Windows OS. Another future benefit is the energy savings we will see from using Thin Clients. Typically, our PC range uses between 50-100 watts in comparison to the 10ZiG units that run at 12 watts. Overall, of our sites we should see a sizeable reduction in our energy costs and C02 footprint which is a bonus and underpins our Green Tourism Accreditation.” 

In summary, David Kelly cites the reasons why QHotels would recommend 10ZiG, “There are a couple of main reasons I would recommend 10ZiG, with the first being the ease of management and visibility we now have over our desktops. The solution has drastically changed the way we provide IT support to our workforce for the better.  Another feather in 10ZiG’s cap is their level of personal service. They have continued to show that they are a company we are happy to do business with. It has also been refreshing that from the POC stage through to post-sales support, I have received a very personal level of contact throughout. Other companies chop and change Account Managers regularly, so it has been great to keep that relationship going with a group of individuals at 10ZiG.”

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Secure Your 30-Day Free Demo

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