The Company

First National Bank of Hutchinson is a community bank with $605 million of assets offering personal and commercial banking, as well as wealth management services. Founded in 1876 and based in Hutchinson, Kansas, the bank has four remote branches and 200 employees. With the financial industry changing rapidly, First National Bank of Hutchinson is dedicated to investing in new tools and technology that will help all consumers to interact in new and more efficient ways with the ban. 

The Challenge

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  • Needed an endpoint device that integrated seamlessly with VMware Horizon 
  • Looking for an endpoint device with a high performing, fast protocol that worked over wide area network
  • Wanted reduced visit branches and unified experience from terminal to terminal

First National Bank of Hutchinson has gradually been implementing VDI technology for the past five years but has recently made an extensive effort to “bump up” the implementation process. The bank has been using VMware Horizon View since the start of their VDI deployment and has recently switched to the most current version, VMware Horizon View 5.3, which offers faster performance and an optimal user experience.

With four remote locations, the bank needed a solution that would allow a high quality and uniform end user experience, over a low bandwidth connection and without the installation of additional servers at each branch. To achieve this, they needed an endpoint device that integrated seamlessly with VMware Horizon View and also something that would create a high performing and consistent end user experience.

Tim Miller, First National Bank of Hutchinson’s Senior Vice President and Manager of IT, said having four branches more than 45 minutes away from each other originally presented quite the challenge. “When initially implementing VDI, we knew we did not want to put additional servers at any of the branches and in order to get good performance for our workstations, we needed to find an end point device with a high performing, fast protocol that worked well over our wide area network. We also needed something that not only allowed us to reduce our need to visit those branches, but would also provide a uniform user experience that allowed our employees to move from terminal to terminal as well as from branch to branch.” Miller also commented on the free management utility. He said it took the burden out of managing multiple devices and allowed for centralized maintenance and full administrative control over all local and remote devices. When researching new endpoint devices, Miller said he was looking for several key factors. First, he needed a device that was simple to set up and simple to fix if something went wrong. “We needed a product that was pretty self-explanatory, so that if the need arose, we could send a new one out and the end user could more or less replace it by themselves.” Miller also said he needed to find a device that offered multiple monitor support, little to no virus exposure, and something that was easily upgradable as well as customizable.

“We wanted to make sure that whatever device we chose didn’t have an operating system because we didn’t want to worry about OS upgrades or viruses and also something that integrated well with VMware Horizon View,” he said. According to Miller, Zero Clients and the PCoIP Protocol had been of interest to him since the beginning of their VDI implementation. “The PCoIP Protocol is fast and having a fast protocol over a wide area network is extremely important.” He said this, coupled with the fact that Zero Clients have no moving parts, which means that less can go wrong, and no operating system to maintain, made his decision “much easier.”

The Solution
10ZiG PCoIP Zero Client Solutions 

A Partnership Defined by Success

By choosing 10ZiG Technology, First National Bank of Hutchinson has seen first-hand the increased productivity, high performance levels and overall stability of the V1200-P Zero Client. These devices will be able to progressively grow alongside this institution and the bank will gradually see a much earned Return on Investment (ROI). “Implementing the 10ZiG V1200-P Zero Clients has definitely changed our IT department for the better,” Miller said. “Our focus has changed quite a bit and even though our job is more complex because of the knowledge needed to successfully incorporate VMware Horizon View and making sure our help desk employees are up to speed, we are still able to give a much better experience to our end users. They have a better, more consistent working environment.”

According to Miller, the implementation and logistics of the roll out were seamless. “It’s been so simple and made our lives so much easier. We don’t have to deal with as much equipment and it worked immediately, right out of the box with our existing network. The configuration was minimal and very simple. It literally took five minutes to set up.” “The fact that 10ZiG’s support team is located in Phoenix, AZ has been an added bonus,” Miller said. “A lot of support teams are hard to get ahold of and very hard to understand. In so many cases this day in age support seems to be very lacking, but our experience with 10ZiG has been great in the very rare instance we have had to call.

To be honest, it’s such a good product nothing really ever goes wrong so we almost never need to call.” Miller said First National Bank of Hutchinson will continue to use 10ZiG for any future product refresh opportunities and would be more than willing to recommend 10ZiG to other interested companies. “Even though 10ZiG Technology isn’t as well-known as other brands, they sell quality products and we are very happy with the end result. We think down the road, even though there was some upfront investment in hardware and infrastructure costs that this is really going to pay off in so many different ways. We are definitely starting to see a return on our investment and couldn’t be happier.”

“It’s been so simple and made our lives so much easier. We don’t have to deal with as much equipment and it worked immediately, right out of the box with our existing network. The configuration was minimal and very simple. It literally took five minutes to set up.”
- Tim Miller, Senior Vice President and Manager, IT
(First National Bank of Hutchinson)

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