The Company

North Kansas City Hospital is an acute-care facility with 451 licensed beds and six centers of excellence in cardiac care, cancer care, women’s health, orthopedics, emergency services and minimally invasive surgery. The Hospital has achieved national recognition, most recently in the US News & World Report’s 2013-14 ranking of the best hospitals in the metro area, a prestigious list showcasing only 15 percent of the nation’s approximately 4,800 hospitals.

The Challenge

Complete Endpoint Partner

With over 20 years of experience in Thin and Zero client hardware and software solutions for VDI, Daas, SaaS, and Web Apps, 10ZiG provides the expertise and support you need to optimize your remote operations. With 10ZiG, you get a single, reliable partner committed to your success from the first call through ongoing customer support.

Free Management Tool

Our 10ZiG Manager™ is browser-based, cloud-ready, and allows you to deploy and manage all of your endpoints running a 10ZiG OS. The 10ZiG Manager™ is feature-rich, secure, and intuitive, and comes with unlimited user licenses.

Complimentary Repurposing Software

10ZiG RepurpOS™ is our purpose-built Linux OS that sustainably extends the life of, or converts existing PCs, laptops, and third-party thin clients. Devices are transformed into dedicated, managed, secure, and responsive endpoints for VDI, DaaS, SaaS, and Web Apps.

Unparalleled Support

From initial contact, during your Proof of Concept (POC), deployment, and ongoing management - our team is always ready to help you get the most out of your 10ZiG solutions. We pride ourselves on our top-tier customer support, offering personalized assistance every step of the way.

  • Giving doctors, nurses and clinicians quick, convenient access to information at the point of care
  • Securing data in compliance with industry best practices and regulations
  • Maximizing computing resources for optimal PC usage and reduced idle time

As North Kansas City Hospital has grown, the IT team has been challenged to give nurses, physicians and clinicians efficient access to computing resources at the point of care. The conversion to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system pointed out several inefficiencies with the previously deployed PCs. When Art Fisk was promoted to CIO, he immediately noticed that PCs were taking up too much space and restricting the staff to inefficient workflows. “Each nurse was claiming a PC at the beginning of their shift and would then have to come back to that device to do their work,” explained Fisk. “Everyone avoided using a system that someone else was already using, even if that person had stepped away.” The CIO asked IT to initiate a search for a point-of-care solution that would offer:

  • Improved productivity, allowing staff members to use any nearby PC on the hospital floor throughout the day
  • Better allocation and utilization of computing resources, optimizing PC usage and reducing idle time
  • Easy-to-use, high performance user experience for hospital personnel to streamline the transition to a new virtual computing environment, freeing them up to focus on delivery of the highest quality patient care

The Solution

A Partnership Defined by Success

  • True mobility: with tap-in, tap-out badge access and sessions that resume rapidly
  • Streamlined workflows: giving clinicians anytime, anywhere access to their desktops
  • Easy installation and management: replacing PCs with zero clients
  • Security: data remains in the data center
  • Superior viewing: high-fidelity PCoIP imaging, with improved image quality compared to previously deployed PCs 
  • Affordability: extended lifespan for low-maintenance endpoints
  • Scalability: easy to add endpoints; easily scaled server session hosting

The benefits have been far-reaching. The Teradici-powered zero clients and Imprivata OneSign authentication and single sign-on software create an integrated, interoperable healthcare solution with strong authentication and easy-to-maintain endpoints. Zero clients are quieter, cooler, and consume less power. “When it comes to availability, flexibility, and security – all the things we hold near and dear as an IT entity – PCoIP Zero Clients make sense,” said Geoff Schillare, IT Manager, North Kansas City Hospital. With integrated Teradici PCoIP technology and the latest VMware Horizon View release, the solution also gives the Hospital superior viewing experiences, with high-fidelity imaging that benefits radiology and other areas. “Today, zero clients give us a smoother viewing experience,” said Fisk. “This has been a benefit for our doctors, and the performance of the PCoIP protocol was one of the reasons that we upgraded to the latest release of VMware Horizon View so quickly.” The system engineer that deployed the solution is impressed with the results. “I have the utmost respect for Teradici and the benefits of its technology,” said Horn. “Teradici’s partnership with Imprivata to enable OneSign Single Sign-On on PCoIP Zero Clients has been absolutely amazing – a huge win for us at North Kansas City Hospital.” With one-touch desktop roaming, physicians and care providers can conveniently access vital information anytime and anywhere. The new level of mobility helps improve quality of care and ultimately saves lives……
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“10ZiG devices are highly reliable. We have not had a single device fail. Our end users prefer to use a 10ZiG device to access our VDI solution, rather than via a PC due speed and efficiency. The use of 10ZiG Thin Clients, Imprivata Single Sign-on, and VDI, has proved to be a winning formula in our Clinical Departments and it is being replicated now across the entire Trust. The 10ZiG devices we purchase have been very reliable and cost effective with minimal support necessary; plus, any technical support questions are resolved by 10ZiG in a timely fashion. We would refer 10ZiG to other organizations.”.

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