10ZiG 5802q Thin Client
10ZiG 10ZiG

5802q Linux Thin Client

Performance Class

The 5802q System i Thin Client is designed for a complete 5250 desktop experience. This unit is designed for knowledge based tasks and content creation. These units combine the power and technology of the industry-leading Intel Quad Core 2.0 - 2.42 GHz processor and the smallest form factor unit on the market, making the 5802q System i Thin Client a well-rounded, high performing unit for any desktop platform.

This series of Thin Client is known for its exceptional graphics support as it allows the user to experience the capabilities of video streaming, rich multi-media content and multiple appliances. The 5802q System i Thin Client combines versatility, functionality and performance to make for a complete desktop workspace.

A three year advance exchange warranty comes standard with this unit along with free technical support and software upgrades. In addition, 10ZiG is proud to include its acclaimed centralized management utility. The 10ZiG Manager (now with Cloud Management Technology), simply put allows you to centrally manage, update, and troubleshoot your 10ZiG Thin Clients, without the need to physically go out to the desktop. This is an unlimited user license covered under the same support agreement as the units themselves.

Product Specifications
  • Small Form Factor for Space-Saving
  • Optional Internal 802.11 b/g/n Wireless with WEP, WPA, WPA2 & Cisco Compliant
  • Free Centralized Management Utility
  • Dual Monitor Support Standard