10ZiG 7810q Thin Client
10ZiG 10ZiG 10ZiG

7810q Thin Client for Windows 10 IoT

Performance Class

At 10ZiG Technology, we are constantly evolving to meet the ever increasing demands of VDI, DaaS, and Application Delivery.

The 10ZiG 7810q thin client - which supports a Windows 10 IoT operating system - addresses all of your requirements for Multi-Monitor Support, Full HD Multimedia Content and is equipped with a dedicated Graphics chipset Radeon R5E for use in environments such as Citrix HDX 3D Pro/VMware 3D for support of 3D Graphics, CAD, and USB 3.0 – giving YOU total power and performance in a future-proof design.

Powered by an industry leading AMD GX-424CC Quad-Core 2.4GHz processor, the 7810q is the future of today's desktop. The 7810q is equipped with dual Display-Port connectivity for supporting either Dual Monitor to 2560x1600, or Single Monitor to 3840x2160 @ 30Hz (4K).

This unit comes with a 3 year advance exchange warranty which includes free technical support and software upgrades. In addition, 10ZiG is proud to include its acclaimed centralized management utility. The 10ZiG Manager (now with Cloud Management Technology) allows you to centrally manage, update and troubleshoot your 10ZiG Thin Clients without the need to physically go to the desktop - thereby cutting out the need for additional IT administration and lowering the total cost of ownership. The 10ZiG Manager is 100% free, with unlimited users or desktops covered under the same support agreement as the units themselves.

Our highly experienced 10ZiG support engineers are readily here for you by phone – if and when you ever need us.


Product Specifications
  • Powerful AMD Steppe Eagle Platform
  • TPM Support
  • Quad Video Support
  • 8 x USB Ports (2 x USB 3.0)
  • Optional Wireless and Smartcard Support
  • Dual Display Port - Up To 4K Image Support
  • Legacy Serial and Parallel Ports Available
  • FREE Centralized Management