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10ZiG 5600 Series vs Dell FX170

Dell vs. 10ZiG Comparison

As many of you are aware Dell recently has discontinued their FX170 unit. For those of you who are in the midst of the roll out and are looking for options, then have no fear 10ZiG offers the same EXACT hardware as Dell's FX170. 10ZiG's 5600 series is the exact same hardware spec, see below for the side by side comparison.

Dell FX170


10ZiG 5600 Series



5600 Series

Operating System WES7/Linux/WES 2009 WES7/Linux/WES 2009
CPU Intel Atom 1.6GHz Intel Atom 1.6GHz
VMware View with PCoIP Yes Yes
Citrix Receiver with HDX Yes Yes
Web Client Yes Yes
X-Windows Yes Yes
RDP Yes Yes
Internet Explorer Yes Yes
Firefox Browser Yes Yes
SUN JVM 1.6 Yes Yes
Microsoft Java Yes Yes
RAM (std/max) 2GB/2GB 2GB/4GB
Storage(std/max) 4GB/4GB 4GB/16GB
RAM (std/max) 1GB/1GB 1GB/2GB
Storage (std/max) 1GB/1GB 512MB/2GB
WES 2009
RAM (std/max) 1GB/1GB 1GB/2GB
Storage (std/max) 2GB/2GB 2GB/16GB
Form Factor 36 mm x 156 mm x 121 mm 36 mm x 156 mm x 121 mm
Dual Video Capabilities Yes Yes
Optional Internal Wireless Yes Yes
USB Ports (type 2.0) 4 4
PS2 Port 1 1
Audio In/Out Yes Yes
Management Software
Management Client Yes Yes