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Performance, quality and service – It’s time to select the best thin client option, says Kevin Greenway

The thin client market is always nothing if not fast-paced and dynamic. But tech journalists have been even more vocal in recent weeks, with a recent major acquisition causing an understandable high level of interest and debate about the future of the thin client landscape.

Here, 10ZiG's UK Managing Director Kevin Greenway shares his views on what this means for the thin client market, present and future - and how thin client users might respond to new opportunities:

"Industry commentators have been talking about re-structuring of some of the leading VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) and thin client market providers - and about how it's likely that all this turbulence will create a distinct gap for a forward thinking desktop virtualization/thin client provider to fill.

"It's flattering to find that 10ZiG is being talked about as a company that is ideally placed to emerge well from this period of uncertainty. I certainly believe we are being talked well of because of the particular mix of benefits we bring to clients - combining both technological advances and the high degree of customer service and customisation capability that we know they want.

"Our customers return, again and again, because they get direct access to our highly skilled Sales and Engineering teams. Our teams are comprised of individuals who don't just read from a script, but are trained to interact with our customers - whether this be discussing initial product enquiries, proof of concept, point of sale to supporting the customer if they choose to change their VDI infrastructure years down the line.

"Based on our own customer metrics, we are also confident of our future development plans and will be using this moment of change to state our claim to be an emerging market leader in the development of thin client technology in the desktop virtualization market space.

"While some experts ponder the likelihood or otherwise of our competitors diluting their product offer or confusing their price points, 10ZiG will continue to develop and promote its core strengths. In a complicated market, we aim to offer a clear choice - come to us for the best technological solutions and customer service at competitive prices.

"With our industry seeing some pretty major changes, we see a fantastic opportunity to stamp our foot print on the thin client market. Newly merged companies often focus inwardly in order to manage the changes and integration, as opposed to focusing on what has always been 10ZiG's primary concern - the customer."

Greenway said this is why 10ZiG plans to significantly up its marketing game over the coming 12 months. He added:

"2012 will see 10ZiG visiting more trade shows than ever, promoting a focus on our new releases including View 5.10 certification, Citrix's latest online plugins and Secmaker Net iD Smart Card support to name but a few thin client firsts.

"10ZiG's R&D doesn't stop at releasing the latest and greatest. Our teams are on hand to tailor the solution to our customers' needs - in other words, we make our thin clients meet your demands, whether it be an out of the box 'zero' solution, or fully customised to support those most complex of customer requirements.

"However, we combine this approach with innovation. The 10ZiG team is constantly seeking out technology partnerships in order to help advise on the integration of IT solutions in the most effective way. These partners include: VMware, Citrix and Secmaker, Virtual Bridges, Red Hat, Quest, Parallels, Microsoft, IBM, Ericom, Aqua Connect and 2X.

"We're an ambitious, performance-driven business which is why talk about 10ZiG becoming a top three player in the thin client market is both pleasing and, in my view, realistic. We have the right products, right attitude and the right approach to adding value to both current and new customers' businesses to achieve this," said Greenway.

If you require any further information on how 10ZiG Technology Ltd can help your business, then please don't hesitate to call us on 01509 276252 or email: sales@10zig.eu.