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27 September 2023

Virtual, Webinar /

10ZiG Webinar: The Final Countdown! Key Blast Extreme and PCoIP Updates for Horizon Users


VMware recently announced the EOL schedule of PCoIP support in Horizon. Many VMware Horizon customers want to understand what options there are for continuing great computing experiences for remote and hybrid workers. Join Rob Beekmans, VMware – Sr. Competitive Technical Manager, and Kevin Greenway, 10ZiG - Chief Technology Officer, as they take you through the latest innovations of Blast Extreme and the recent announcement on enabling PCoIP Ultra within VMware Horizon. In addition, learn the latest Thin & Zero Client Hardware and Software options available from 10ZiG, including product demonstration of their latest Free Repurposing Software supporting Blast Extreme and PCoIP to ensure you are ready to move forward with solutions that fit the needs of every end user and use case.

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