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29 July 2020

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10ZiG Manager™ Webinar Series: Installation Deployment Best Practices for Remote Management and Configuration of 10ZiG Thin & Zero Clients


Join Kevin Greenway, 10ZiG CTO in presenting Part 2 of The 10ZiG Manager™ Webinar 3-Part Series, “The 10ZiG Manager™ Installation Deployment Best Practices for Remote Management and Configuration of 10ZiG Thin & Zero Clients

This webinar is aimed at Administrators, Solution Architects, Network Managers or similar professionals who have a requirement to understand The 10ZiG Manager™ Deployment Best Practice for Remote Management. During this webinar, Kevin will cover common installation and deployment examples of The 10ZiG Manager™ Server Cloud Connector, Cloud Agent and Web Console components.

To start, this covers the Cloud Connector component where used for 10ZiG Thin & Zero Client secure remote management, as well as client configuration methods for 10ZiG NOS & PeakOS Linux and Windows 10 IoT based clients using the 10ZiG Cloud Agent. In addition, best practices on securing and filtering clients into configuration groups, for both internally and remotely configured clients will be included. The recently introduced On Demand Port (ODP) feature will also be reviewed. This feature provides a consolidated range of network ports used between The 10ZiG Manager™ Server and Cloud Connector, for deployments based on LAN and DMZ type scenarios.

Kevin will also preview examples of using The 10ZiG Manager™ Role-Based Administration Tool, for securing Technician and Administrator access to 10ZiG Manager Console and Web Console. The 10ZiG Manager™ Web Console will also be included, which is a key feature where Administrators and Technicians may administer and configure 10ZiG Thin and Zero Clients remotely via Web Browser. Finally, learn how to assign Active Directory signed or Commercial SSL Certificates to the Cloud Connector and 10ZiG Cloud Agent, for securing connectivity between 10ZiG Thin & Zero Clients and the Cloud Connector.

We highly recommend that you join us for our entire 10ZiG Manager Webinar Series to gain complete knowledge on The 10ZiG Manager™. For questions, please reach out to

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