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07 October 2020

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10ZiG Webcast: How to Talk and See Your Peers Clearly and Audibly When You’re Working Remotely with VMware Horizon & 10ZiG


Join Kevin Greenway, 10ZiG CTO in presenting: How to Talk and See Your Peers Clearly and Audibly When You’re Working Remotely with VMware Horizon & 10ZiG.

This webinar is aimed at Decision Makers, IT Managers, Solution Architects, or similar, who are responsible for employees working remotely that have a need to communicate with via audio and video communications, such as Soft Phones, Unified Communications & Collaboration Tool, effectively with VMware Horizon and 10ZiG based Thin Clients. Due to the global pandemic, employees have been sent home and are now more than ever heavily reliant on such tools throughout their working day. Employees are feeling ostracized from their co-workers and no longer afforded the luxury of desk visits, hangouts at the coffee machine, or face-to-face meetings. As such, employees now demand not just audio, but also video calls to remain ‘virtually’ in contact and stay in touch with their co-workers. It’s critical that these tools, including headsets and webcams, are configured with remote working in mind to ensure the same level of user experience employees are afforded in their office environment.

There are a wide variety of modern communication platforms available, many of which have experienced more than double digit growth in daily usage throughout the global pandemic. During the webinar, Kevin will take you through the different methods available in order to correctly support such platforms within VMware Horizon using 10ZiG based Thin & Zero Clients. This includes the challenges of non-optimal methods such as USB redirection, and the challenges associated with remoting via such methods. In addition, more recent techniques such as RTAV (Real-Time Audio & Video), which offer compression and improved user experience, is also covered. Finally, VDI specific optimization plugins, which shift workload away from the data center or cloud-based virtual machines towards the endpoint for providing peer-to-peer calling, shall also be addressed.

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