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May 02, 2018

The Latest Feature Enhancements to our 10ZiG Manager; Keeping Centralized Management Cutting Edge For You

Role-Based Access, Cloud Agent, and a Sneak Look Ahead at Distributed Firmware Versioning

A 10ZiG relationship means that you can rely on trusted 10ZiG Technology to keep up with the ever-changing needs of Thin & Zero Clients for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Rest assured, the always-FREE 10ZiG Manager Centralized Software Utility is no exception. Here’s a quick review of what’s new with the 10ZiG Manager on Role-Based Access, in Cloud, and a sneak peek of what’s coming up soon with our Distributed Firmware Versioning.

10ZiG Manager Role Based Access

10ZiG Manager “Role-Based” Access: 10ZiG Manager Role-Based Access enables Administrators to delegate custom management permissions to support staff and groups. It allows the Manager console to be deployed in enterprise environments where Administrators, Supervisors, and Technical Support Personnel can all share Access. Each level of user is granted “Role-Based Access” to certain 10ZiG Manager functions, based on the staff user’s credentials and Access group. The Role-Based Access defines custom-user Access modes, based on the needs of the customers. Administrators can set up groups within the 10ZiG Manager, or assign via Active Directory, then allocate which group or specific user will be able to perform key functions in the console – like reboots, system naming, access to other clients, configuration and password changes, wakeups, shadowing, firmware updates, and more.

10ZiG Manager Cloud Managed Network

10ZiG Manager Cloud Agent: If you don’t already know, 10ZiG recognized that it was essential to support VDI Cloud-based endpoints; so, we made configuration and management simple in Cloud. 10ZiG added our “Cloud Management Agent” to 10ZiG Thin & Zero Clients, which is responsible for establishing outbound connection with the 10ZiG Cloud Manager. As a connection is established, all communications between the 10ZiG Cloud Management Agent and the 10ZiG Cloud Manager are secured via an SSL within a bidirectional tunnel. The featured addition with the 10ZiG Cloud Manager was the opening of a “single inbound rule” towards 10ZiG Cloud Manager, which permits the critical SSL-based tunnel between the Cloud Management Agent and Cloud Manager. The result is a truly pain-free approach, enabling End Users and MSPs to install and manage 10ZiG Thin & Zero Client devices regardless of their location.

10ZiG Manager Distributed Firmware Versioning

10ZiG Manager “Distributed Firmware Versioning": Targeted for a live date in Q2 2018, the 10ZiG Manager is getting prepared for its Distributed Firmware Versioning feature. This system in-the-making is being tested and is ideal for your customers who don’t have a high bandwidth connection or a super-fast pipeline, or for any other reason their throughput cannot be leveraged… the Distributed Firmware Versioning remedies this by having the feature of updating only one Thin (or Zero) Client as a lead master Client upon which all other onsite Clients are then mimicked for updating. This lead master Client is at the Administrator’s discretion for selection, and timing as well as related updates for other Clients also are left up to him/her. Besides ability and accessibility, convenience is a major benefit in that the failure rate of firmware updates due to lacking bandwidth/throughput can be lowered and there is less down time as one singular Client is initially updated.