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January 24, 2019

10ZiG Recognized as One of the 10 Most Promising Virtualization Solution Providers by CIO Review

CIO Review 10ZiG Technology

CIO Review, an industry-leading technology magazine, has featured 10ZiG Technology® as One of the 10 Most Promising Virtualization Solution Providers for 2018.

With the recent evolution of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology, along with the trend in how employees access their desktops, apps, and data via a Digital Workspaces environment, 10ZiG Technology has been recognized as helping to spearhead this VDI revolution with its cutting-edge endpoint devices and services. CIO Review, an industry-leading enterprise solution magazine, quickly caught onto the 10ZiG approach of offering an extensive array of Thin & Zero Clients, quick response to VDI broker releases, fully free endpoint management software (The 10ZiG Manager™) with Cloud capabilities, and local, unsurpassed customer support. They sat down to talk with Martin Pladgeman, 10ZiG Technology CEO.

Says Martin Pladgeman, “Unlike other vendors where VDI endpoints are just one of many small areas of their business, at 10ZiG, the development of Thin & Zero Client endpoints for VDI is our sole focus—we live and breathe VDI—and this focus allows us to excel at both the products we provide and the extraordinary service we offer to our customers. When a major VDI broker announces an update or new feature rollout, we are usually the first to react to this latest and greatest feature. When you contact 10ZiG for support, you can be assured that you will be dealing with a team who is local to you and not with a foreign country across the globe. Customers who choose 10ZiG, stay with 10ZiG. Once they experience our VDI hardware, software, service and support—they never want to look anywhere else.