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December 01, 2022

Citrix, Google & 10ZiG – A Triple-Win for ChromeOS Flex!

Citrix Ready 10ZiG Thin Clients for fast, easy, secure, and lightweight ChromeOS Flex

Organizations that embraced the popular Google Chromebooks for accessing Citrix, Google ChromeOS Flex & 10ZiG now empowers them too to:

  • Leverage the same OS look and feel for third-party hardware endpoints.
  • Bundle ChromeOS, previously available only on Chromebooks, onto Thin Clients.
  • Utilize the benefits and features that Thin Client devices are renowned for.

Together, Citrix, Google ChromeOS Flex, and 10ZiG provide a cost-effective, fast, easy-to-use, and highly secure operating system on energy-efficient, powerful, top-performing Thin Client hardware endpoints

10ZiG, like ChromeOS Flex, is noted for its adaptability and ability to tailor solutions to the needs of the customer:

  • Market-leading hardware and software vendor with a sole emphasis on Thin & Zero Client endpoints, administration, and support.
  • A quick-thinking, cutting-edge in-house R&D team creates and supports Linux and Windows-based client operating systems and administration solutions, all wrapped around the Citrix platform.
  • Citrix innovation leader, frequently among the first to accept and deliver new features.

Why Citrix & 10ZiG?

  • Citrix has always innovated on the Citrix Workspace App for Linux and Windows, with the HDX Stack being particularly feature-rich on both platforms.
  • The adaptability of 10ZiG in conjunction to Citrix steers mutual prospects toward Linux, Windows, and now ChromeOS Flex alternatives.
  • 10ZiG delivers Citrix Ready hardware, resulting in energy-efficient, lower-powered machines that can handle the majority of Citrix HDX capabilities.

To learn more about this topic or to test things out in your computing environment, click HERE

About 10ZiG

10ZiG is a leading Thin & Zero Client endpoint hardware and software provider for VDI, Cloud, DaaS, and SaaS. We provide leading Intel and AMD based, Dual and Quad Core Thin & Zero Clients for VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, and other environments. 10ZiG offers free, no-obligation demo devices, best-in-industry Technical Support teams based in the U.S. and Europe, and provides for FREE, Cloud-enabled “10ZiG Manager™