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October 21, 2021

Citrix Launchpad Series: Work - Video Featuring 10ZiG Technology


For more than a decade, 10ZiG Technology has been a front-runner in many Citrix innovations. It only made sense for 10ZiG to be one of the initial partners to join Citrix’s new initiative, Workspace Endpoint Program, which unblocks the challenges that both in-office and remote working customers face by developing, integrating, and validating endpoints with the latest versions of Citrix Workspace, Citrix Cloud services, and Citrix Workspace App. The mission of Citrix & 10ZiG together is to focus on these innovations to help to empower organizations, teams, and individuals be their most productive, stay engaged, and do their very best work - no matter where or how they work. 10ZiG Citrix Ready solutions have been described as the best at performance and connectivity - supporting the premium range of peripherals, HDX, and features and services available from Citrix – and, as having the easiest-to-use management console for centralized deployment and management.

Kevin Greenway, 10ZiG CTO, "As the workforce distribution model has widened and appears set to remain that way for supporting hybrid workforces, 10ZiG can offer joint Citrix customers a simple, yet effective way of accessing their Apps & Desktops whether in office, home, or hybrid. Either traditional Citrix on-premises customers, or net-new customers now looking towards Citrix Cloud as the future for delivery- - the same resources in a centralized model for a decentralized workforce. Due to the very nature of Thin Clients, 10ZiG’s approach is to offer Citrix customers a simple and secure access plane to Citrix resources, including FREE 10ZiG enterprise centralized management of 10ZiG endpoints."

Citrix Launchpad Series


10ZiG Technology has been busy with its dedication to innovations on how to leverage the latest Citrix modernizations with 10ZiG Endpoints & The 10ZiG Manager™ - 10ZiG’s enterprise centralized management software. 10ZiG’s recently Citrix Ready Premium Validated 6048qc Zero Client, featuring the 10ZiG NOS-64 C Linux-based platform, is a solution to seamless Citrix Cloud connectivity. IT Professionals like the Phoenix Group and JCB Finance have been experiencing the combination of 10ZiG & Citrix, allowing them to have a truer office environment, even when not at the office. Devices are set up just like an office desk with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, etc. They are centrally managed with The 10ZiG Manager console, giving IT professionals the assurance that endpoints at remote, unsecured locations have the same level of security and trust that they do in office. That’s the Power, Speed, and Performance of Citrix & 10ZiG!

Kevin, "We are seeing an ever-growing, fast-paced demand of features, as we see new styles of working in this new era of hybrid-working. Citrix is able to offer this to their customers by offering bi-monthly and even monthly updates to Citrix Workspace App with new and exciting features. Due to the way in which 10ZiG R&D and its Linux & Windows based OS’s are designed, we are nimble enough to offer our joint customers these exciting new features and updates. Recent joint ventures include the day one support of Teams Optimization, as well as the recently updated Browser Content Redirection feature for Linux Citrix Workspace App. 10ZiG support is often regarded by its mutual Citrix customers as an extension to its own IT support team, based on the principles that we understand the environment and demands of our customers much further than just the endpoint. "

Citrix Launchpad Series


The strategy behind 10ZiG Technology is that we are a Thin & Zero Client Endpoint provider who specializes in Citrix, and other VDI and EUC products. Where 10ZiG differs from competitors is that we are solely-focused in Thin & Zero Client endpoints (it’s all we do!) and our Sales & Technical Teams take that focus to the next level, having been trained and certified themselves with Citrix Ready skills sets. Add to that, our always free management software - The 10ZiG Manager™ - that has become well-recognized for its no-hassle, subscription-free, no limit-on-licenses reputation. As a founding Citrix Ready Partner, 10ZiG endpoint hardware can be found validated both on the Citrix Ready Marketplace and on 10ZiG.com.

Kevin, "We are solely focused as an endpoint provider for Citrix. We are experts in remoting technology of graphics, audio, peripherals and other more recent remoting optimization features. We offer the complete solution under one roof, including endpoint hardware, Linux or Windows based OS and FREE Enterprise Centralized Management. Our customers choose 10ZiG because of our approach to make the endpoint simple but effective to use for users, employees, and IT management teams."

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Citrix Launchpad Series