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November 27, 2018

What to Look For in VDI Endpoint Management Software

IT professionals and end users often talk about how they are not getting the best from their paid endpoint management software programs for virtual desktop infrastructure. The performance of their centralized management software often has them frustrated, as well as the cost. Not to mention, related tech support agreements that should work in their favor, but really don’t. Here is a little help with what to look for in truly great endpoint management software.

endpoint management

Endpoint management software with no hassle

Who needs hassle? Your IT philosophy should be this – why should you settle for the disappointment of centralized management software and tech support that may cost you money? Look for endpoint management software that is simple, user-friendly, and highly functional with all the technical advances and support you deserve. It should come at no-cost and include an unlimited number of users/licenses. It should make endpoint management, configuration, and deployment efficient and effortless.

Endpoint management software that’s always FREE

It really is as simple as that. Your endpoint management software should always be FREE with endpoint device purchases. Tech Support for a number of years should also come complimentary with the right software program from the right vendor. This should cut your research down if you’re new to looking for endpoint management software, and your frustration down if you’re paying for one right now and realizing that you should not be. It certainly makes you think, right?

Endpoint management software that’s easy to use

Why make things difficult? With the right endpoint management software, IT Admins can remotely control any endpoint, including x86 devices to laptops, tablets, Thin & Zero Clients, etc., into one centrally-managed and easy-to-use platform. By connecting via a LAN/WAN or the Cloud, you should be able to manage large volumes of endpoints located remotely in cities across the country, or anywhere in the world. Set-up and updates should be easy, and support should be readily available.

Endpoint management software with good Tech Support

Let's face it, questions are going to come up and you’re going to have bumps in the road. Things that shape the best endpoint management software sometimes have nothing to do with technology. How about an easy-to-understand, U.S.-based support team? Great endpoint management software should be easy to work with and expedite management of your endpoints with efficiency and offer all the tech support that you could possibly need.

endpoint management

Endpoint management software with advancing tech features

That’s right, “advancing.