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May 15, 2020

What Is Your Endpoint Provider's Website Doing For You?

Endpoint Provider

We hope you're all doing the very best you can during these challenging times, and we're certainly here to do our very best for you. So many of us have been online now more than ever, with working from home and remote solutions in general. Have you taken a moment to check out what your endpoint provider's website is doing for you? While every website out there can always be the biggest and the best, we want to showcase some tools that you might want to look for in an endpoint provider's site, along with their exemplary endpoint hardware, software, service, warranties, and such.

Endpoint Provider: Hardware Features Guidance

Not sure where to start? If your endpoint provider has a vast array of hardware selection, it can be daunting to know where to start. Find an endpoint provider who can make the first step a bit easier. 10ZiG offers detailed product specification grids for Clients run on popular VDI platforms including VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Amazon Workspaces, and more >


Endpoint Provider: Firmware Releases & Updates

Need access to released and updates? Something that is truly supportive in addition to standard FAQ and support pages, is a Firmware Updates area. As mentioned by way of example, 10ZiG has a file repository for firmware release notes and downloadable updates. It is our latest addition to 10ZiG.com and something you might want to look for when researching endpoint providers for VDI >

Firmware Updates

Endpoint Provider

Endpoint Provider: Video Tutorials

Interested in video education and demos? Another helpful feature to possibly expect would be "learning by video." 10ZiG's recently created video gallery houses a collection of videos on Product Overviews, Demonstrations, How-To's, Webinars, and more >

Video Gallery

Endpoint Provider: Easy-To-Use Online Forms

Ever have trouble reaching someone? In addition to your standard contact and chat areas, it's resourceful to have numerous ways to reach your endpoint provider. 10ZiG's site is populated with over a dozen contact forms from Quick Contact to Support Request to 10ZiG Manager Software to Newsletter to Free Demo, and much more >


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The above are just some ideas to look for, but if you're interested in an endpoint provider that provides all of this as well as top-quality VDI endpoints, software, service and warranties, you may want to consider a 10ZiG no obligation, free demo trial. You can reach us at sales@10zig.com or +1 (866) 865-5250 for a no-cost consultation and/or get your FREE demo.