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January 27, 2012

New Features for Citrix 12

Thin client technology has once again taken a step forward in providing clients with better data security, patch management, lost information recovery, on-demand storage and levels of performance.

A number of 10ZiG Technology Ltd’s operating systems are taking advantage of software from one of its partners, Citrix.

Below are some details some of the new features of Citrix Receiver 12:

  • HDX MediaStream Flash Redirection. This enables Adobe Flash content to play locally on user devices, providing users with high definition audio and video playback, without increasing bandwidth requirements.
  • HDX RealTime Multimedia Conferencing. Providing our users with a complete desktop audio/video conferencing feature using Microsoft Office Communicator 2007. An important point to consider here is that HDX RealTime Multimedia Conferencing is disabled by default.
  • Changes to USB Support Installation. USB support is now provided as a separately installable package. You can install USB support after installing Citrix Receiver 12.
  • Support for Changing Expired Passwords. Citrix Receiver 12 supports the ability for users to change their expired passwords. Prompts appear for users to enter the required information.
  • Improved Smart Card Support. Citrix Receiver 12 now supports using smart card authentication to log on to Windows 7 hosted desktops.
  • ALSA Sound Subsystem Support. Citrix Receiver 12 now also supports the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) sub-system. This allows users to listen to audio from more than a single source when connected to hosted applications or desktops.
  • Updated Graphical User Interface.The Citrix Receiver 12 user interface has been updated to use GTK+, providing an enhanced end-user experience.

10ZiG can supply its customers with a number of Citrix ready certified operating systems. These include the Linux 5572v, Linux, 5672v, Linux 6772v, WES 2009 5516v, WES 2009 5616v, WES 2009 6716v, WES7 5617v and the WES7 6717v.

As well as Citrix, 10ZiG has also formed partnerships with other software providers, such as VMware, Quest and Microsoft.

If you require any further information on how 10ZiG Technology Ltd can help your business, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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