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April 25, 2017

Thin Client Resellers: Forget the Rest, Partner with the Best!

Thin Client Resellers

Why do Thin Client Resellers love the 10ZiG Partnership?

  • Generous, motivating incentives
  • Worldwide coverage: offices located in the U.S., U.K. (EMEA), Germany, and Asia Pacific
  • Same-day, quick response time for any deal opportunities
  • Competitive pricing with promised deal protection
  • Always FREE 10ZiG Manager
  • No-cost, no-registration, 3-Year Advance Exchange Warranty with 3 years of unlimited Tech Support and FREE software upgrades
  • Never-outsourced Customer Support staff

HEY THERE... Thin Client Resellers or potential Thin Client Resellers (and Zero Client Resellers, alike)... have you heard about our new Partner Portal?... now complete with a simple, intuitive layout; an engaging, user-friendly experience; and enhanced search and navigation capabilities. 10ZiG not only has the best endpoint devices, the best services, the best customer support, but we now also have best online Partner Portal!

Why do Thin Client Resellers love the 10ZiG.com new Partner Portal?

  • Unit-specific Price Guide with deeply discounted Thin Client Reseller/Zero Client Reseller pricing
  • Hassle-free product Demo Registration forms
  • Fast and easy Deal Registration to lock-in your deal
  • Marketing & Sales Collateral including product overviews, spec sheets, images, videos, case studies, logos, and more
  • Sign-up form for customized Product Training
  • 10ZiG Technical FAQ site for some supportive Q&A
  • 10ZiG Blog for helpful articles and information

For more information on partnering with 10ZiG, fill out our no-obligation Become A Reseller Form and someone will be with you as soon as possible!

As a valued 10ZiG Partner and Thin Client Reseller/Zero Client Reseller, we are very mindful of making it easy for you to take advantage of our products and services. As you can or will see, we created our 10ZiG.com Partner Portal to allow easy and exclusive access to 10ZiG resources quickly, simply, and remotely... so you can spend more time doing what you do best... selling!

If you are an existing 10ZiG Partner Reseller and need login credentials and/or if there is anything you feel that we have not included in the Partner Portal that you would like to see, please give us your feedback by emailing us directly at channelsupport@10zig.com. We're here for you! So... stick with the best and forget the rest!!