November 30, 2012

Ultimate guide to RemoteFX Thin Client

Everywhere you go, organizations are turning to Virtual Machines to expand their IT budgets and get the most return on their investment. We look to a Microsoft RemoteFX thin client and explain its offerings and the various incentives of this VM technology over other protocols.


RemoteFX thin client features

-GPU Virtualization: GPU technology enables users running on a Hyper-V server to run graphic intensive applications on their Virtual Machine. This technology also helps system administrators to share these applications to multiple employees on a Hyper-V server, ultimately providing a rich Windows experience to all users.

-Host-Side Rendering: Gives users the highest quality session as the applications are constantly being pushed out to the desktop allowing the end-user to experience faster run-time and responsiveness, higher image quality and decreased bandwidth consumption. Although not seen from the end-user level, this feature provides for a seamless VDI deployment without compromising any quality on a RemoteFX thin client.

-Encoding: RemoteFX thin clients differentiate between, test, synthetic/ natural images and video, then encode the content resulting in higher desktop quality.

Overall, RemoteFX is a great solution for deploying VDI when the need for basic applications as well as graphic demanding applications is demanded by the organization. 10ZiG’s wide array of Thin Clients for RemoteFX is designed to suit every business’ needs.

10ZiG’s offerings for RemoteFX run off of RDP 7.1 and are compatible with Citrix HDX to further this line’s ease of use.

All models have four USB ports, audio in/out, PS2 port, dual/quad monitor support and options for customizing interface options to fit any VDI deployment requirement.

All of 10ZiG’s Thin Client devices come standard with Centralized Management Utility so IT managers can monitor and maintain all devices from 10ZiG (both LAN and WAN) in a single session. Organizations can benefit from 10ZiG’s free manager in that it will increase productivity within the IT department and increase return on investment.

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