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February 19, 2020

What Happens When Your VDI Endpoint Provider Has Fewer Device Choices?

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A Simple Coffee Isn't A Good Option For Everyone

A Small Selection of Thin/Zero Client Hardware

From Your VDI Endpoint Provider Isn't Either

We know what you’re thinking. Why are we chatting about coffee in a VDI email newsletter? If you don’t have one already – grab a cup of coffee, sit down for a quick read, and we’ll tell you.

Coffee and VDI Endpoint Providers? Oh my!

There’s a reason why coffee shops, such as the extraordinarily famous Starbucks, have menu selections of dozens and dozens of variations of coffees, espressos, teas, and more. Not everyone needs or wants the same thing. But, they do want a version of it. Right? When you think about it, it’s rather easy to apply this mindset to endpoint devices for virtual desktop environments as well, in particular – Thin & Zero Client VDI endpoint providers. Here we give you some suggestions as to why variety is key and helps you to avoid getting stuck with simple, plain coffee. Unless, that’s what you wanted.

Your VDI Endpoint Provider: Not Enough Sugar?

Depending on where you are in your virtual desktop infrastructure project or upgrade, what you need or want in a Thin or Zero Client will truly vary from simple to complex. Say for example, your virtual desktop environment is demanding Thin or Zero Client endpoints for high-level, power end users. But your VDI endpoint provider only has a few simple Client hardware devices to choose from and nothing to sweeten the deal. Well, now you’re limited by what they have to offer, locked into what you purchased, and probably will end up researching if there is capability (and more budget) for add-ons like more processing power and graphic/audio/video support. In this case, there just wasn’t enough required features to stir in, and more qualified devices just weren’t on the menu. In extreme cases, sometimes an entire new order of more diversified Clients may have to be purchased to meet the needs of a next level update.

VDI Endpoint Provider

Your VDI Endpoint Provider: Too Much Cream?

Conversely, the opposite can happen. Maybe you only want a simple, plain cup of coffee. Maybe you only need entry-level benefit features in an endpoint for your task users in your virtual desktop environment. But, your Thin/Zero Client VDI endpoint provider only offers endpoints with all the works. Now, you’re stuck with possibly too heavy of an investment that might be wasted, and no one really needed. I think you understand where we are going with this – too much of something, not enough of another. It all circles back to choices. Don’t get trapped with too little or too much of anything. Order what you really want.

Your VDI Endpoint Provider: Made to Order?

Thin & Zero Clients should be designed to optimize and work with specific end user requirements. It’s not always about the newest, fastest, coolest device on the market. It’s all about fit. Be sure to find and work with a VDI endpoint provider who offers great hardware selection, great customer and technical service, as well as great free endpoint management software. If they know what they are doing, they will spend a lot of time with you upfront with their menu of offerings to help qualify and customize what would work for you from numbers of monitors, display resolution, applications/graphics support, type and quantity of connections, networking capability, mountings, wireless options, and more. Just like coffee, Client endpoints should be made to order.

VDI Endpoint Provider

Your VDI Endpoint Provider: Good Devices, Good Service?

If you’re looking for a provider with a wide variety of cutting-edge Thin & Zero Clients for virtual desktop solutions, you may want to consider 10ZiG Technology as your VDI endpoint provider. Our VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft ready hardware menu is “brewed for the taste