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May 02, 2018
In case you have not heard,Teradici retired their dual and quad Teradici brand of PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards as of January 31, 2018. Existing customers continue to receive Teradici’s support for active support subscriptions to either the 3-Year Support & Maintenance Plan for Remote Workstation Cards, or the Workstation Access. Note: it is only the Teradici-branded SKUs of these products that were retired.
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May 02, 2018
A 10ZiG relationship means that you can rely on trusted 10ZiG Technology to keep up with the ever-changing needs of Thin & Zero Clients. Rest assured, the always-FREE 10ZiG Manager Centralized Software Utility is no exception. Here’s a quick review of what’s new with the 10ZiG Manager on Role-Based Access, in Cloud, and a sneak peek of what’s coming up soon with our Distributed Firmware Versioning.
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April 19, 2018
A good bit of the success that you have with your Thin Client VDI environment and related endpoints is going to be based on the relationship and quality of your vendor’s Tech Support. Let’s take a look at Thin Client Tech Support in three ways; 1) Preventive approaches to take for less need of Tech Support, 2) Tips for dealing with Tech Support, and, 3) Thinking ahead in terms of future infrastructure projects and the expert Tech Support you will want.
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March 20, 2018
If you’re an IT professional in the world of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), you’re certainly aware that traditionally-based networks including LAN, WAN, VPN etc., can manage and deliver quite good communication and connectivity via endpoints like Thin & Zero Client devices, etc. But, what about VDI in the Cloud? And, what are the benefits of a Cloud VDI environment, if any?
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February 22, 2018
In a world full of VDI endpoint options, it may be a bit daunting trying to scale down and determine which Thin and/or Zero Clients may be just right for you. The key is to first start looking at your end users, and then to start looking at VDI endpoint Client options...
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January 18, 2018
A Thin Client is a lightweight, small piece of solid-state hardware designed for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions. With these devices, everything in your desktop environment is stored on your server or data center, as they virtually replace individual PCs and their related individualized storage. The Thin Client is a low-cost, locked-down, small form factor device that saves energy and IT resources. Its management and deployments are easy and centralized via a software utility. Now, when a Thin Client comes with a wireless optional feature, a Wireless Thin Client … then, you have all of this and more.
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January 11, 2018
A Quick Overview Of Teradici All Access Package Plans Including The PCoIP Management Console
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December 14, 2017
With the Citrix announcement of its codec capabilities by incorporating Citrix H.265 support into their XenApp and XenDesktop Platinum editions, Citrix VDA has never looked better. When leveraged with NVIDIA GPUs, graphics performance not only improves, but bandwidth consumption also reduces; by 50%. Although not without some drawbacks, this is exceptional news in the world of VDI and related display graphics.
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November 16, 2017
One of the key benefits of moving your local computing environment to a Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment is security; VDI security… along with energy savings, cost savings, incredible performance, and centralized management, of course. But, none of that is truly really important unless your data, your information, and everything related to that, is secure.
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November 03, 2017
With over 12,000 students across 22 schools, CUSD had a serious goal to deliver a more consistent, much faster, and more agile Windows desktop experience for their libraries and science labs. Find out how they did so by abandoning fat PCs and stepping into the world of virtual desktops with 10ZiG V1200-P PoE optional Zero Clients.
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