RIP Windows XP

Microsoft said goodbye to Windows XP by ending security support on April 8th, 2014.
We're counting how many days it's been since XP Support ended.

Here’s 10 things nobody will miss about Windows XP.

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XP may be retired, but the latest Windows Embedded thin clients are becoming ever more popular with the business community. By using centralized servers or full VDI implementations, it allows IT Management to either distribute applications, or serve up both the desktop and applications to these Windows thin clients.

This can also be done externally through a private/public cloud. In conjunction with one of these solutions, thin clients provide a secure, easy to manage environment that is future-proofed to cope with the demands of evolving technology. They are a cost effective, flexible solution for businesses who are contemplating the move away from a trusty, but old hat PC delivery method. Ask 10ZiG about Windows Thin Clients today.

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