10ZiG partners with 90Meter to provide smart card authentication for secure access to SIPRnet and NIPRnet which is then further bolstered by the security, management and performance benefits of 10ZiG hardware for military bases and other defence organizations.

Amazon Workspaces

10ZiG support Amazon Workspaces on our Linux & Windows 10 IoT thin clients, and our repurposing software. By utilizing 10ZiG endpoints that do not rely on local resource, you can securely connect to your applications and data stored in AWS rather than relying on traditional local PC’s and Laptop devices.


10ZiG have been working together with Citrix and harnessing the power of their solutions for accessing desktops and applications for over 20+ years. Our thin clients, zero clients and repurposing software all provide seamless and secure access to Citrix hosted environments and offer an amazing UX including high-performance UX, and optimized Unified Communications.


The 10ZiG & ControlUp partnership brings together two experts in their field to delver a total solution for monitoring, managing and optimizing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments. Supporting Remote DX & Edge DX, 10ZiG are excited that our thin clients and zero clients offer support for ControlUp to provide even greater security and UX to our customers.

Dizzion Frame
(Formerly Nutanix Frame)

10ZiG provides Linux based and Windows 10 IoT based thin client solutions that support Dizzion Frame. By coupling 10ZiG solutions with Dizzion Frame, you can take advantage of seamless and secure access to their powerful digital workspace solutions


10ZiG & EPOS Headsets bring together trusted virtual endpoints with trusted sound. This partnership sets up global end users and IT professionals with premier use-case solutions with powerful audio and VDI

(Formerly Forcepoint Federal)

10ZiG has partnered with Everfox to take advantage of their Everfox Trusted Zero Client (TTC) operating system to provide scalable, secure access to multiple networks at various classification levels, from a single device across multiple monitors. With dedicated Everfox models, 10ZiG is well positioned to raise the bar of security whilst accessing critical data within the most secure organizations in the world

HP (Teradici)

10ZiG’s range of PCoIP Ultra Zero Clients connect to the high-performance protocol of HP Anyware technology in a secure Zero Trust device. With the added benefit of managing these devices with 10ZiG’s own management tool, you can provide secure, high-performance devices that are easy to manage and maintain.


The 10ZiG partnership with Imprivata OneSign certification allows healthcare organizations lightning fast and highly secure access to their desktop and applications stopping the need to repeatedly sign-in across multiple 10ZiG devices. Supported on our Linux thin clients, Windows thin clients and RepurpOS repurposing software, you can have your desktop follow you instantly by logging-in and logging-off instantly by smart card or fingerprint reader.


With a seemingly constant flow of changes in the world of EUC causing uncertainty there has never been a better time to explore alternative ways to deliver future-proofed access to applications and desktops. 10ZiG & Inuvika have come together to provide secure delivery, seamless access to desktops and applications whilst also delivering exceptional UX from a secure endpoint through Inuvika OVD.


This longstanding partnership allows 10ZiG to support both Stratusphere UX and CommandCTRL across our thin client and zero client devices to support virtual desktop administrators with monitoring their endpoints and provide real-time end user metrics and response data.


Whether you are using traditional RDP, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) or Windows 365 Cloud PC, 10ZiG offer a wide range of secure, managed endpoints that provide simple, secure and seamless access to desktops and applications hosted on Microsoft platforms. You can provide a secure, scalable, and standardized UX to every employee in your organization by taking advantage of 10ZiG thin clients, zero clients and repurposing software to connect to RDP, AVD & W365 Cloud PC. Microsoft Teams Optimization available with AVD & W365 on Windows & Linux


We enjoy a great partnership with Parallels in combination with their RAS solution. Thanks to our recent innovations in our all new PeakOS™ and RepurpOS™ 64 bit Linux-based operating systems, as well as market leading Thin Client based hardware, mutual customers can leverage the best of RAS connectivity via our secure and managed RAS Endpoint Client offerings.


ThinPrint is the leading provider for fast secure printing in Thin and Zero Client environments. Over 25,000 companies of all industries, geographies and sizes increase productivity thanks to ThinPrint patented technology. Our partnership provides high-performance printing for 10ZiG Thin and Zero Clients.

VMware (EUC)

10ZiG thin clients, zero clients and repurposing software support both Blast Extreme & PCoIP so work hand in hand with VMware Horizon & Workspace ONE to provide many mutual benefits including secure access to desktops and applications, high-performance UX, and optimized Unified Communications.


10ZiG provides Windows 10 IoT Thin Client devices to connect to Workspot’s Virtual Desktop (VDI) Platform giving you peace of mind that every employee is getting the same secure, seamless user experience when connecting to their desktops and applications. Joint benefits include, agility, scalability, reduced TCO, energy efficiency and sustainability.