Inuvika OVD Enterprise, an exceptional alternative to traditional VDI/DaaS solutions, has partnered with 10ZiG Technology, a 20+ year vendor of Thin Client Hardware & Software experience, and the timing could not be more perfect. With a seemingly constant flow of changes in the world of EUC causing uncertainty, there has never been a better time to explore alternative ways to deliver future-proofed access to applications and desktops.

"We are excited to embark on this new partnership with Inuvika and allow our mutual customers to enjoy the benefits of secure and managed 10ZiG Hardware and Software with Inuvika OVD. The two technologies could not be better suited, both offering huge cost-saving potential related to sustainability, energy usage, and infrastructure overheads, not to mention… secure, reliable, and scalable access through Inuvika to apps and desktops from 10ZiG Thin Clients and RepurpOS™.”
Kevin Greenway

The EUC Benefits of Inuvika with 10ZiG Technology

Endpoint & User Experience Optimization

Security by Design

Free Repurposing Software

Free Centralized Management

Remote User Functionality

Ahead of the Curve In-House Development

Support When You Need It

Hardware Without Compromise

Lower Cost of Ownership