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Thin Clients can connect to Azure Virtual Desktop, Citrix, VMware, Windows 365 Cloud PC, Web Apps, and more, allowing for the delivery of an optimized user experience to suit a wide range of use cases.


Thin Clients with a reduced attack surface and read-only architecture, support modern authentication mechanisms and enhance security against alternative endpoints.


Thin Clients offer a compact and fan-less design, making them energy-efficient and suitable for various settings, including remote work setups.


With Thin Clients, management is a key inclusive feature allowing for centralized management of on-premises or off-premises endpoints allowing for seamless scalability.

Explore the 10ZiG Thin Client Series Options

Each 10ZiG Thin Client Series offers a variety of benefits to fit your unique needs, all while supporting platforms like VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Amazon WorkSpaces, and more.

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10ZiG offers tailored VDI solutions across a range of industries, ensuring optimal performance and security for every unique environment.

Support Local to You
  • Reduce your spend on new hardware solutions
  • Minimize overhead cost

You will receive market-leading support whether you’re in the US, UK, EMEA and beyond. We ensure timely assistance and personalized service through our solely focused team.

Free Centralized Management
  • Extend the life of your existing hardware
  • Operate with a purpose-built Linux OS

Benefit from the 10ZiG Manager™, a free, cloud-ready, and browser-based centralized management tool. It’s designed for IT Admins to seamlessly and securely manage both local and remote endpoints.

Our Product Guarantee
  • Strengthen your network’s security setup
  • Create a controlled, zero-trust-based working environment

With no-obligation free demos, including a market-leading advanced warranty, and regular firmware feature updates, 10ZiG ensures the reliability and longevity of your Thin and Zero Client solutions.

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Test your device for free with no-obligation and no credit card so you can feel confident 10ZiG is the right solution for you.

Secure Your 30-Day Free Demo

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