Parallels® RAS, a seasoned remote application server, has been a partner with 10ZiG Technology, one of the leading Thin & Zero Client Hardware & Software providers for over 15 years, offering optimized virtual application and desktop delivery solutions. Flexible, secure, and simple – running and managed seamlessly via 10ZiG Thin Clients and Management. Experience simplified access and ease of-use worldwide – remote, in-office, and hybrid working.

We enjoy a great partnership with Parallels in combination with their RAS solution. Thanks to our recent innovations in our all new PeakOS™ and RepurpOS™ 64 bit Linux-based operating systems, as well as market leading Thin Client based hardware, mutual customers can leverage the best of RAS connectivity via our secure and managed RAS Endpoint Client offerings.”
Kevin Greenway

The Benefits of Parallels with 10ZiG Technology

Flexible User Experience

Enhanced Security

Free Repurposing Software

Free Centralized Management

Remote User Functionality

Ahead of the Curve In-House Development

Support When You Need It

Hardware Without Compromise

Total Cost of Ownership