Want VDI Deployment At Its Best? 5 Helpful Reminders!


Make VDI deployment the best with these 5 simple steps!

VDI Deployment: A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

If you’re like many, you’ve left the world of PC desktops and are living in a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) environment… or, you are planning such a POC (Proof Of Concept) soon. Whether you’re working on an initial build with new VMs (Virtual Machines), dealing with a change or upgrade, adding new VMs, or going through a refresh cycle, etc., any VDI deployment can be even more successful when you take time for a little thoughtful checking…

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Why Thin and Zero Client Technology is Essential for VDI

Thin and Zero Clients

Has this happened to you? As an IT professional, you’re settling in for your day, ready to tackle your planned work and the next thing you know you’ve spent over two hours saving a coworker’s desktop PC from the effects of a computer virus. Or, you were asked at the last minute to install urgently needed software/updates for a manager and his/her department members, and suddenly your day has surprisingly ended.

Thin and Zero Client Technology for Your VDI POC

Like many, if you are planning a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment Point of Concept (POC), here’s why considering Thin and Zero Clients is essential…

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Citrix 7.12; Would An Upgrade Benefit Your Environment?

Citrix 7.12

Not sure if Citrix 7.12 would benefit your VDI or Published Applications environment? Think again.

Have you thought about Citrix 7.12 for your VDI Environment? Seems like more and more Citrix users are upgrading to the most current version of the latest XenDesktop/XenApp release, 7.12, and really experiencing new opportunities in their VDI and Published Application environments. Take a look…

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Going From a Fat PC Environment to a Thin Client?

Thin Client environments trim the “PC Fat” on space, costs, time, maintenance, and more…


“Getting Thin” has great benefits! Consider Thin Clients for the health of your business.

If you’re finally ready to transition into a Thin Client environment, or perhaps you’re just beginning to think about it, here’s how to get started in the right direction…

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VMware Horizon 7; 10ZiG Blast Extreme Zero Clients Now Certified by VMware©


VMware certifies 10ZiG 4448v and 5848qv Blast Extreme Zero Clients for VMWare Horizon 7 VDI platform!

We’ve Been Certified for VMware Horizon 7!

VMware Horizon 7 support for industry-leading 10ZiG 4448v and 5848qv Blast Extreme Zero Clients is now certified. VMware Horizon 7 and Blast Extreme help to expand computing capabilities by using the industry standard H.264 codec.

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Why Consider the High-Performing Experience of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise on a Thin Client?

With the Internet of Things in constant growth, a variety of industries including retail, finance, healthcare, and government, have already begun reaping the benefits of the power of Windows 10 IoT on Thin Client devices. Made for top-performing connectivity, security, and manageability, Windows 10 IoT is a full version of Windows 10 designed with smart devices in mind, and a perfect fit for certain user endpoints like Thin Clients, that really delivers.


Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is very enterprising, indeed!

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