RepurpOS Software
Free Repurposing Software For Sustainable VDI Computing

RepurpOS Software transforms nearly any device to run a purpose-built operating system for VDI, DaaS, and Cloud.

Breathe new life into existing hardware with VDI, Cloud, and DaaS support with 10ZiG RepurpOS. 10ZiG Repurposing Software transforms hardware into a locked down, secure, and integrated virtual endpoint operating system with easy central management, cost-savings, and peace of mind for a controlled, zero trust-based working environment. Download Here

  • Operate with purpose-built Linux OS
  • Sustain life of existing hardware
  • Save on immediate device costs
  • Reduce overhead spending
  • Increase security with thin footprint
  • Streamline audio/video communications
  • Simplified licensing model

Why Repurpose with 10ZiG RepurpOS?

  • The key differentiator in 10ZiG’s repurposing software offering is that it is FREE!
  • Devices can be managed over the internet, and this does not require additional access gateways or licenses.
  • Easily run the software live from any USB stick, install in minutes, and configure without hassle.
  • Software has earned VMware-Ready Certification status.

Revive Old PCs, Laptops & 3rd-Party Thin Clients

10ZiG RepurpOS™ Software is designed so that any person can easily implement the software onto a computer, laptop, or even an outdated third-party Thin Client with no hassle. Our software not only transforms an existing device - either PC, Laptop, or Thin Client - to run a purpose-built OS designed for VDI, DaaS and Cloud consumption, it also includes centralized management to deploy and update on its own ensuring that you are never left with complex management issues, juggling outdated brokers, plugins, or security vulnerabilities.

  • Install in minutes
  • Configure without hassle
  • Manage endpoints with ease
  • Enjoy single management pane
  • Rely on US & EMEA based Tech Support Teams
  • Transition to 10ZiG Thin & Zero Clients when ready
  • Test RepurpOS by submitting form at bottom of page

How to Download 10ZiG RepurpOS Sofware:

Run on existing PCs, laptops, and Thin Clients conveniently via USB where it can be easily removed. This option allows easy reverting to and from your existing OS. Also ideal for flexible working scenarios, including hybrid & remote working, allowing you to plug & go to different x86 devices on the move.

Run as a virtual machine on platforms including VMware Workstation, VirtualBox, and more - allowing you to evaluate against an existing environment where you do not have access to any Client hardware during the demo phase.

Alternatively, install locally and run from local storage. Ideal where any existing operating system is unsupported and/or presents security vulnerabilities.

Minimum Requirements
  • PC, Laptop, or Thin Client
  • X86-Based Processor (Intel/AMD)
  • Intel or AMD-Based Graphics
  • 2GB RAM Minimum
  • 4GB Storage Minimum
  • Ethernet or Wireless Network Interface
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Why Replace or Repurpose with 10ZiG?

• Sole hardware & software provider, and tech support manages all related calls via the same number.
• Pro-sustainability, and pro-energy/C02 reduction by extending device life and reducing e-waste.
• 10ZiG Manager Centralized Software is FREE and includes remote/cloud management.
• Supports your entire software ecosystem – VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, HP, Frame, Amazon WorkSpaces, Parallels, LiquidWare, ControlUp, MS Teams, Zoom, Webex by Cisco, 90Meter, and more.

Your FREE 10ZiG PC RepurpOS software will seamlessly integrate with any hardware component, providing an effortless refresh to the hardware device. FREE to Use! FREE to Manage!

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RepurpOS technical support require a software support subscription. For more information, please reach out to (US) or (EMEA).