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10ZiG is the one stop shop for Teradici products. We offer the PCoIP Hardware Accelerator (APEX) solutions to reduce server CPU utilization by up to 50% by monitoring the graphic encoding and offloading up to the top 100 graphic displays. This solution increases frame rates and MPPS by up to 2X to ensure that graphic demanding applications are smooth and sharp.

The TERA2 PCoIP Remote Workstation is designed for power users who depend on graphic intensive applications. This solution is ideal for CAD/CAM applications, allowing users to secure the physical workstation and its data into a highly secure, controlled environment and connect from their office. Pixels are only streamed to the end-user, not the actual sensitive data.

The 10ZiG TERA2 PCoIP Zero Client is the next generation Zero Client delivering a powerful, secure and easy way to manage desktop. With no desktop OS to manage and unparalleled graphics performance in a VMware Horizon View environment the 10ZiG PCoIP Zero Client offers the best solution available in the marketplace today.

The 10ZiG PCoIP All-in-One Zero Client is the perfect solution for those looking for a seamless desktop experience. This All-in-One Zero Client is based off of the Teradici TERA2321 portal processor and offers a true VMware Horizon View desktop experience.


Tera2 PCoIP

Remote Workstation

Teradici PCoIP

Hardware Accelerator (APEX)

Tera 2 PCoIP Zero Clients
Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients

10ZiG's next-generation Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client, the V1200-P, supports the efficiency and security of centralized computing and offers a truly uncompromised desktop experience. The V1200-P's latest chipset (Tera2 PCoIP Portal Processor) delivers a powerful, secure and easy to manage PCoIP Zero Client. This Zero client offers a seamless solution with dynamic features and a performance that will meet the growing needs of any expanding VDI environment.

PCoIP All-in-One Zero Client
PCoIP All-in-One Zero Client

The 10ZiG V1200 All-In-One (AIO) PCoIP Zero Client is the perfect solution for companies seeking a seamless desktop experience. This PCoIP All-in-One delivers ultra-high security and reliability in networks based on VMware technology. The 10ZiG V1200-AIO 24" Zero Client Monitor is based on the Teradici Tera2321 portal processor with hardware accelerated PCoIP support.

The 10ZiG V1200-AIO PCoIP Zero Client is a true Zero Client and features no local memory or moving parts, this ultimately provides a high-performing and reliable user experience. The eco-friendly design with LED display uses up to 80% less energy consumption than standard PC's.

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