PCoIP Solutions
V1200-QH/QHF TERA2240

This powerful host processor card enables users to move Windows or Linux workstations into the data-center and connect remotely with a 10ZiG PCoIP Zero Client, without compromising application performance. This solution meets the needs of demanding power users who depend on graphic intensive applications that typically require a locally situated high-spec PC.


V-1200-H and V-12-QH Key Benefits
  • Faster Application and/or Data Access
  • Maximum Security - Send Pixels Only Supports
  • Latencies up to 250MS
  • Quickly Setup Satellite Offices
  • Easily Share Workstations
  • Ideal CAD/CAM environments
  • Simple Installation (5-10 mins)
  • Dual User Access to the Same Workstation
  • Optional Fiber