Welcome to 10ZiG RepurpOS™ – our PC Repurposing Software! Please follow these steps below to proceed and for assistance.

1 – Please download our most current version of RepurpOS™ from HERE.

2 – For installation and setup guidance, see our “Welcome to RepurpOS™” download getting started guide HERE.

3 – After installing RepurpOS™, you are required to register the software. While RepurpOS™ is FREE and fully functional in this mode, you will continue to be notified by a warning message until you complete the FREE registration. Visit HERE for registration.

4 – After receiving your FREE license file, it can be installed using the guide HERE.

5 – Please find the RepurpOS™ User Guide HERE in addition our general Support FAQ’s page HERE.

6 – Our 10ZiG Manager can be conveniently accessed via HERE.