Citrix Ready Thin Clients – Reach Your VDI Goals, In-Office or Remote

Can you see the win at the top of the proverbial mountain, but just can’t seem to reach it?

Take that first step with 10ZiG, as Citrix Ready Thin Client users from all over are reaching new heights with not only 10ZiG endpoints and software, but with who we are.

10ZiG Citrix Ready Thin Clients – What Makes Us Different?

Just as Tenzing Norway was one of the few to reach the top of Mount Everest, 10ZiG Technology is one of the few to reach the top in Power, Speed, and Performance of Citrix Ready Thin Clients for VDI and Cloud.

Standing on a solid foundation, built from over 17 years of developing the most diverse endpoints and evolving management software, 10ZiG moves Citrix users forward, climbing them up the virtual desktop mountain – both in and out of Cloud.

The winning secret? It’s how 10ZiG does it – and, that’s what makes us all champions.

10ZiG Citrix Ready Thin Clients – It’s Our Specialty!

As a founding Citrix Ready Partner, 10ZiG’s sole focus has always been and always will be Thin & Zero Clients and endpoint software – it’s all we do.

That specialization gives us, and Citrix and Citrix Workspace users, the cutting-edge of finely tuned, custom, Citrix Certified hardware. 10ZiG was triumphantly one of the first to join and have devices approved for Citrix Ready Workspace.

Our fully Citrix Certified, trained, and accomplished support teams, unrivaled product warranty, and agile and undefeated in-house R&D, is why we are the winning partner for any VDI computing environment looking to get to the top.

10ZiG Citrix Ready Thin Clients – In-Office or Remote

The need for unified communications and collaboration tools has risen due to remote workers who rely on them to do business and now face that challenging mountain. By harnessing and supporting technology advances that Citrix Ready has made in this area, like the optimization of Microsoft Teams or Zoom VDI in Citrix environments, 10ZiG’s Citrix Ready Thin Client endpoints are enabled to deliver seamless audio and video quality, overcoming that hurdle as well.

Whatever mountain you are facing – in office, remote or from home – or maybe a hybrid of both, your next steps are critical. With 10ZiG Citrix Ready Thin Client endpoints and management software, our in-house and remote communication compatibilities and innovations are unparalleled.

We are so confident that who we are and how we do things will work for you, we offer FREE, no-hassle demos for Citrix Ready Thin Client endpoints at no obligation.