Laptop versus Thin Client – Which is Your Best Ally for Home Office?

Laptop versus Thin Client: Debate

Which Choice has the Home Advantage?

Without a doubt, we have been faced with home and remote office set-ups for us and our staffs, either on an immediate full time basis, or on a part-time basis as we now start to phase back into offices. None of this seems to be going away either, as a combined work-at-office approach may continue to become the norm. So, without a doubt, IT professionals are and will be relied on more than ever.

Within the haste to temporarily close doors and open up “offices” at home, some may have turned to laptops as an option with their alluring features like portability and everything all-in-one. Laptop versus Thin Client – let’s go over why Thin & Zero Clients were and still are a better option long term, and why they make the best ally when it come to working at a home or remote office set-up, in the office, and anything in-between.

Laptop versus Thin Client: Round One

To Laptop or Not to Laptop? IT Perspective

Laptop versus Thin Client – to begin with, a laptop’s battery is not very powerful. A laptop has a smaller, slower hard drive, and a slower processor. It also has little memory (RAM) and little capacity. Most laptops run Windows and require initial configuration. IT professionals are typically faced with adding on another Windows OS (for endpoint and for Cloud), which automatically doubles the workload and consequently, doubles the management. Furthermore, when repair is required for a laptop, a complete shutdown occurs as keyboard, monitor, and computer are bundled in one device.

With Thin & Zero Clients and virtual desktop infrastructure combined, these issues go away. Thin and Zero Client endpoints with a VDI environment offer remote management, so deployment, configuration, maintenance, and upgrades can be achieved and even automated using enterprise centralized management software – whether traditional VDI or VDI in Cloud. As IT professionals, you are in control of troubleshooting and monitoring without having to leave your own desk.

Laptop versus Thin Client: Round Two

A Computer for my Lap as a Full Home Service? – End User Point of View

The same features that make a laptop seem so appealing also are the very same features that make it not the best choice when it comes to a true home office setting. While the monitor, keyboard, and computer itself are bundled into one device, most struggle with too small of a monitor, a keyboard that is not designed for full time use, and a need for cables, docking station, and more. Also, end users often find themselves hunched over and crunched around their devices on couches or kitchen counters. With a Thin or Zero Client set-up, the endpoint is also very small form factor, monitor or monitors of any size are supported, and a more traditional full-size keyboard complements what is truly needed in a work-from-home (like you’re at the office) type of set-up.

Laptops are inherently less secure than Thin & Zero Client endpoints with VDI. With the latter, everything is safer and centrally managed in one location. No local storage no local apps, or operating systems, and less viruses and hacks that occur with infected downloading. With laptops, it is more difficult to get live and custom Tech Support from mass-producing vendors. Not close to a perfect “at home office” at all.

Laptop versus Thin Client: Round Three

The Laptop Affect – HR and the Bottom Line

The obvious attraction of mobility with a laptop certainly is appealing, however it is not a good long-term solution in terms of cost-savings. More like an expensive, short term quick fix. A Thin or Zero Client with VDI set-up is much more transferable and useable. No one heading back to the work office is going to boot up their laptop when they can have full-size monitors and keyboards, better speed, better performance, and more.

Laptops also consume more power and can be costly to repair. Repairs are more difficult and may require a long turnaround. They are also not appealing for health and Human Resource concerns. Laptops, and lack of traditional office set-up, are bad news and not sustainable when it comes to health and back related issues. And as remote or home offices have been on the rise and may continue to stick around, employee health can become a big concern.

Laptop versus Thin Client: Conclusion

Something for Short-Term Use is not a Long-Term Solution

Laptop versus Thin Client – unlike laptops, and certainly from the feedback we’ve been getting from IT Professionals and end users, Thin or Zero Client endpoints with VDI allows for all individual hardware components (keyboard, Client, mouse, etc.) to be reusable and repurposed – whether at home desk, or in the office – and is a smart, strategic, long-term investment. Specifically, with 10ZiG Thin & Zero Clients, VDI, and The 10ZiG Manager™. No need to deal with double OS, no VPN, none of the problems described above – whether immediate purposes or ongoing remoting option.

10ZiG Technology offers the widest selection of powerful, reliable, and affordable Client endpoints. Our devices provide the best performance possible in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Server-Based Applications/Desktops for hosted and Cloud environments, and are optimized for the latest desktop technologies including VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Parallels, and more. With The 10ZiG Manager™ centralized management software, you can remotely control any and all endpoints running on a 10ZiG OS into one centrally managed and easy-to-use platform. Connect via LAN/WAN or the Cloud and manage endpoints located remotely in cities across the country, or anywhere around the world.

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