How Do You "Manage" without FREE Management Software? Here's why you really shouldn't have to!

Who needs the hassle?

Why settle for the disappointment of endpoint management subscriptions and tech support help that costs you money? Endpoint management should be simple, user-friendly, and highly functional with all the technical advances and support you deserve. It should come at no cost with unlimited number of users/licenses. It should make endpoint management, configuration, and deployment efficient and easy.

Why is it not free?

Endpoint management software should always be FREE with endpoint device purchases. Tech Support for a number of years should also come at no cost with the right management software offering from the right vendor. If you’re new to looking for endpoint management software or paying for it right now and realizing that you should not have to, you’re right – you should not.

Why make things difficult?

With the right endpoint management software, IT Admins can remotely control any and all endpoints in one centrally-managed and easy-to-use platform. By connecting via a LAN/WAN or the Cloud, you should be able to manage large volumes of endpoints located remotely in cities across the country, or anywhere in the world. Setup and updates should be easy, and support should be readily available.

Why not have it all?

Endpoint management software should be ever-evolving when it comes to tech, security, and management features, both in and out of the Cloud. Is it Cloud-Ready? Does it have Role Based Access? How easy is its Automatic Configuration & Firmware Versioning? How in-depth are its Reporting features? What about its Power Management, Task Scheduling, Shadowing, etc? Does it have Distributed Firmware Versioning? What new features will soon be added?

So, how do you “manage?”

Did you know that the 10ZiG Manager™ is fully-free, easy-to-use endpoint management software provided to all 10ZiG customers using Linux- and Windows- based Thin Clients as well as 10ZiG NOS™ Zero Clients running on VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, etc., platforms? 10ZiG Manager provides IT Admins the choice of managing endpoints via traditional LAN/ WAN or the Cloud, using either our Desktop Console or Web Console; both platforms come with a variety of features that make managing large volumes of endpoints a breeze, regardless of your location. And, it is always FREE.

FREE 10ZiG Manager Software for Centralized Automatic Configuration, Maintenance, and Full Admin Control.
Perfect management for hybrid-working, supporting both local and remote attached 10ZiG Clients.

  • Centralized management via installable console or web browser
  • Group management via automatic filtering and drag & drop
  • Image cloning & configuration for 10ZiG NOS™ Zero, PeakOS™, RepurpOS™ & Windows 10 IoT
  • Cloud connector enabling remote management for 10ZiG NOS™, PeakOS™, RepurpOS™ & Windows 10 IoT
  • Scheduling tool automates common tasks to Clients, individually or via groups
  • Reporting tool for complete 10ZiG Client inventory auditing
  • Role-based access allows admins to delegate management permissions to staff

Watch the 10ZiG Manager in action as we demo the Shell Launcher within a Win10 IoT 10ZiG Thin Client!

About 10ZiG

10ZiG is a leading Thin & Zero Client endpoint hardware and software provider for VDI, Cloud, DaaS, and SaaS. We provide leading Intel and AMD based, Dual and Quad Core Thin & Zero Clients for VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, and other environments. 10ZiG offers free, no-obligation demo devices, best-in-industry Technical Support teams based in the U.S. and Europe, and provides for FREE, Cloud-enabled “10ZiG Manager™