Working Remotely is The New Norm - How VDI & Remote Endpoints Can Help

More than ever, we know that not working at the office location – i.e. working from home, etc. – is being tossed around in daily decision-making, and becoming more of the new norm. Let’s remind ourselves of why VDI, with the right remote endpoints, is a perfect option as a working off-site strategy. You can actually save your company the hassle of lost production. Check it out…

Why VDI & Remote Endpoints?

No Interruption in Productivity

Seemingly the obvious, but sometimes not paid attention to, is the idea that production at work affected by any kind of internal or external crisis, can and will occur. Your best weapon is being prepared for if and when it does happen. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with remote endpoints makes a compelling, productivity-saving case for remote employees (or “working remotely as an option” employees) for keeping things up and running.

Easy Desktop Management

VDI enables IT Support to have direct access to and knowledge of off-site end users, as well as their related remote endpoints. Applications are virtualized, and located and managed centrally. Similarly, end user data is also stored securely and centralized, and audited and managed by IT Support. Related licensing is not an issue because licensed software is kept within the central data center. Accessibility settings to data and programs can be applied and controlled. Viruses are mitigated, thanks to the support of centrally managed AV services, in addition to VDI-based provisioning and creation tools. Such tools can quickly re-provision desktops and application from a master image should disaster strike.

User & Device Security

With VDI and the right remote endpoints, off-site end user employees remotely connect to their organization’s virtual desktop platform that is configured by IT Support to meet all of the company’s security requirements and policies. While security at the device-level is of a lesser concern, ensure your chosen endpoints are stateless, not permitting local applications and data. Additionally, be sure to choose endpoints which include centralized management tools, offering features such as remote shadowing, firmware updates, and centralized configuration. Verify that your chosen centralized software tool offers cloud-based management and is a fully inclusive option for remote management, preferably negating the needs of VPNs and Secure Gateways and any other third party hardware.

10ZiG Remote Endpoints

Don’t get caught without a working-remote plan! 10ZiG Technology has the perfect remote endpoint devices, plus endpoint management software, as part of a remote VDI virtual desktop solution. A world-market leader in endpoint hardware, 10ZiG provides leading VDI benefits with Intel and AMD based Dual / Quad Core Zero (and Thin) Clients for:

  • VMware Horizon Blast Extreme / PCoIP / RDP
  • Citrix Workspace Ready / Premium Endpoints
  • Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop / RDP
  • Amazon WorkSpace PCoIP
  • Parallels RAS
  • Teradici PCoIP

10ZiG offers FREE, no-obligation demo devices, local Technical Support teams based in the U.S. and Europe, and provides endpoint management software (The 10ZiG Manager™) with Cloud capabilities completely FREE with unlimited licenses supported.

If you’re not certain how to think about or make the above decisions, and which VDI remote endpoints are right for you – you can easily reach us at [email protected] for a no-cost consultation and/or get your FREE demo.