The 10ZiG® Technology Lean & Mean All-New, Linux-Based, No-Cost 10ZiG Manager™ to Preview at NerdioCon 2024

The 10ZiG® Technology Lean & Mean All-New, Linux-Based, No-Cost 10ZiG Manager™ to Preview at NerdioCon 2024

10ZiG’s Lean & Mean All-New, Linux-Based, No-Cost 10ZiG Manager™ is set to Preview at NerdioCon 2024 at Punta Cana February 12th-16th.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA– From fat PC to Thin Client, from fat OS to no OS, 10ZiG is lean, mean, and on the scene at NerdioCon at Punta Cana in February, previewing the all-new, Linux-based, no-cost 10ZiG Manager™ via the also all-new 10ZiG 7500qTAA Mobile laptop Thin Client. MSPs, partners, and customers alike have spoken and once again 10ZiG has listened. Be one of the first to witness this groundbreaking, no license required, brand-new, Angular based web app, FREE management software in preview mode with us, while enjoying everything offered under the sun at NerdioCon!

While Nerdio has been gearing up for this sold-out MSP event, 10ZIG has also been hard at work re-engineering its world-renowned 10ZiG Manager from the proverbial Windows ground up to the heights of a revolutionary Linux-based service. Relieving the constraint of underlying dependencies of a Windows Server based operation system and its associated OS licensing costs, all with an enhanced, modern UI framework and FREE software for management and deployment, the 10ZiG Manager for Linux is the industry’s market answer to convenience, security, and savings ‘rolled into one’ and also soon to be literally ‘rolled into one’ Virtual Appliance package in the not so distant future.

Alex Hyatt, 10ZiG R&D Manager, ‘I’m excited that 10ZiG has been able to decouple the 10ZiG Manager from its originating Windows dependency with this Linux-based pathway, and to offer the flexibility of hosting it in the near future as a Virtual Appliance. This will reduce any underlying licensing costs associated with hosting 10ZiG Manager, reduce installation, and offer our customers a new and improved, streamlined, easy UI. Best of all, the 10ZiG Manager remains entirely FREE and is included with all 10ZiG Thin and Zero Client endpoints, including repurposed hardware with 10ZiG RepurpOS™.”

To burn even brighter rays into these upcoming sun-filled NerdioCon days, this Linux-based 10ZiG Manager previews the much sought-after feature that MSPs have been asking for – Multi-Tenancy capability. 10ZiG Manager IT Administrators will now be able to create Companies, which in turn can be used to delegate Administrative control to their Companies and/or Tenants, offering security and confidentiality like never before.

“This has been a sought-after feature for quite some time from partners and MSPs alike, and we’re really excited to preview this much requested innovation with all new look and feel at NerdioCon 2024. We look forward to welcoming friends and partners to see it February!” remarked Kevin Greenway, 10ZiG Chief Technology Officer.

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