Thin Client Computers – A Lesson in Virtual Endpoints For Education

Technology may touch every corner of today’s education industry, but that doesn’t mean it should be the centerpiece. The best technology is one that gets out of the way so that Teachers can do their jobs and provide Students with quality instruction. Of course, especially since the pandemic established the precedent for fully remote learning, the computer will remain as necessary for education as the #2 pencil once was. Equipping Students and staff with technology is critical, yet doing so in a way that’s secure, reliable, and within budget can be a major headache. Many school districts and higher education institutions turn to Thin Client Computers instead of standard CPUs (fat PCs). These stripped-down PCs are just strong enough to connect to a main, centralized computer, which provides the power to run a desktop. So, how can the education industry benefit from these Thin Client Computers? To show you the advantages of Thin and Zero Client Computers for education, we’re going to break down how they benefit the key stakeholders in education. These are some of the ways Thin Client Computers benefit education for IT Admins, Teachers, and Students.

Thin Client Computers – IT Admins

At the top of the list for most schools is affordability. Education budgets are often frugal, and superintendents, principals, and other Admins have to walk a tight line – meet all the needs of Teachers and Students, while also staying within budget. That’s why smart Admins are always looking for a way to do more with less. Thin Client Computers let you get the most out of your IT budget. Besides being substantially cheaper than fat PCs that each need expensive hardware to run their own systems, Thin Client Computers can save schools even more money by repurposing aging PCs into Thin Client Computers as a steppingstone to Thin Client Computer hardware purchase.

Thin Client Computers are reliable. On a normal PC, there’s lots of opportunities for things to break. Since a Thin Client Computer uses less hardware and fewer software applications, there’s substantially less room for error. This means that Students and staff will be able to use their computers when they need them. Also, Thin Client Computers are more environmentally friendly. They use substantially less electricity than normal computers, less hardware means a smaller carbon footprint (both from production and disposal of the electronics) and, being able to repurpose old PCs is textbook recycling. Thin Client Computers enable Administrators to meet environmental pledges and mandates, while also helping the planet!

IT Administrators in education love Thin Client Computers because it makes their lives easier. Instead of having to sit down at every computer to manage updates, set configurations, etc., they can take care of every Thin Client Computer at once from their central server data center. This means that updates will roll out all at once, and it eliminates the chance of missing a device. IT staff will have greater control over Students’ computers, including setting better controls and virus protection that is possible with traditional PCs. This lets them protect the school’s network, safeguard Student data, and provide a better computing experience for both Students and staff.

Thin Client Computers – Teachers

Thin Client Computers benefit Teachers by offering reliable performance. Most Teachers don’t need anything too fancy, yet they still very much need their computers to get their jobs done. When grades are due and their computer acts up, it can be frustrating to say the least. Thin Client Computers solve this problem. There’s also nothing complicated about them, and they offer a familiar user experience that is easy to pick up. For Teachers who do need access to more computing resources, such as those who teach graphic design or higher education professors who need to run compute intensive workloads like scientific simulations, IT can allocate more resources from their centralized platform. Lastly, Thin Client Computers also create a more pleasant classroom environment by eliminating the hot-running hardware and noisy fans required to keep it cool. When you fill a computer lab with Thin Client Computers, you can wave goodbye to the hot, stuffy, and loud conditions of the past.

Thin Client Computers – Students

Students will also reap the benefits of Thin Client Computers for education. First off, they offer a persistent desktop environment that the Student can access from any device on campus, or, if configured to do so, even when they’re at home. The days of losing a report due to misplacing a thumb drive are over. Plus, this persistence gives Students a chance to personalize their desktop. Especially for higher education or programs that require more high-powered hardware specs, Thin Client Computers offer an economically viable path to offering Students access to high performance computing. Instead of buying Students expensive computers or even equipping a lab with shared PCs, the school can simply enable Students to sometimes securely access a greater portion of the shared resources on the centralized host server.

Thin Client Computers for Education – why 10ZiG?

Thin Client Computers are the best-in-class solution for meeting the IT demands of today’s Educators. Now more than ever, IT Professionals rely on their computer set-ups at school, at home, or anywhere remote. As a longtime leader in Thin & Zero Client Technology for Education, 10ZiG is very familiar with the challenges that IT Departments in school environments face when it comes to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and related hardware, software, and budget issues. Teachers and Students experience more focus, more productivity, and more learning with VDI and 10ZiG, whether in a traditional or remote classroom. For a full overview on what exactly a Thin Client Computer is – click HERE.

10ZiG Thin Client Computers for Education – Free Demo

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