Thin Client Virtual Desktops – Why Are They Good For Your Health(Care)?

From robot-assisted surgery to the increased popularity of telehealth to the standard terminal found in most hospital rooms, technology touches every part of today’s healthcare systems. And, that’s not even accounting for what happens behind the scenes with Electronic Health Records (EHR), big data analytics, cloud technology, and more. The most important thing to keep in mind, though, is that every decision to leverage technology should be grounded in one key priority: providing patients with better care. That’s why, sometimes, the best solutions are the ones that get out of the way so that doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals can do what they do best.

Thin Client Virtual Desktops are a great option for the healthcare industry. These stripped-down PCs have enough power to connect to a main, centralized computer, which in turn provides the desktop environment, virtually. Sometimes less is more. A streamlined Thin Client Virtual Desktop infrastructure has tangible benefits for healthcare. Here are 3 top reasons why healthcare companies should consider adopting Thin Client Virtual Desktops.

Thin Client Virtual Desktops – Data Security & Compliance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The saying is just as true for managing cyber threats as it is for medicine. Thin Client Virtual Desktops help healthcare companies safeguard patient data, protect proprietary data and/or applications, and mitigate the threat of ransomware attacks. Since everything is centrally managed, IT can more strictly enforce controls and protocols, and they can do so more dynamically. Instead of patching each individual computer, for instance, patches only need to be applied at the server level. The same is true for implementing authorization and access controls or any other cybersecurity upgrade. The fact that all of the data is stored in a centralized location also makes protecting it that much easier. Instead of worrying about hard drives scattered throughout the hospital or elsewhere, IT and security analysts can focus on protecting data in the data center or in the cloud. As a result, Thin Client Virtual Desktops make attaining HIPAA and/or other compliance that much simpler and less expensive. Healthcare companies are held to higher standards for protecting sensitive personal information (PI) than most other industries, so any technology that helps to meet the demanding standards of these regulations is seriously worth considering. Another facet of this advantage is how Thin Client Virtual Desktops provide a secure workstation for remote workforces. They make compliance possible and reduce risk by making sure that those working from home or elsewhere are on secure devices and that no data leaves the server.

Thin Client Virtual Desktops – Flexibility & Accessibility

This then unlocks a level of flexibility that the healthcare industry previously lacked. Anyone ranging from HR to Accounting to IT can work from home on a Thin Client Virtual Desktop, and you get the peace of mind that they’re doing so in a way that’s secure and compliant. Doctors can even schedule telehealth appointments from home via a Thin Client Virtual Desktop setup. Thin Client Virtual Desktops also improve flexibility on the hospital floor. When a doctor enters a patient’s room, they simply log in and they get their personal desktop, not a generic one that has to be one-size-fits-all. This enables them to seamlessly move between computers in different patient rooms, stay organized, and personalize their desktop in whatever way works best for them. It also becomes that much easier and faster to pull up a patient’s chart or other necessary data. No more searching for data, trying to figure out where it is or who has it. Since it’s all centrally located, doctors and other providers know exactly where to look and how to get what they need, when they need it. Especially for time-sensitive treatments, this can have a potential real effect on patient outcomes. One final mention here is that Thin Client Virtual Desktops are also more environmentally friendly than ordinary PCs because they draw less electricity, require fewer materials, and support a longer lifespan since upgrades happen at the server level instead of on the client. This enables healthcare companies to adapt to our changing world and meet carbon reduction pledges.

Thin Client Virtual Desktops – Cost Savings & Efficiency

We understand that budgets are tight and, choosing a new technology to invest in can have big implications, especially since it may mean sacrificing one initiative for another. While many other tech companies promise reduced costs or enhanced efficiency at some point down the road, Thin Client Virtual Desktops can potentially help to save you money right away. First off, these devices can be cheaper than regular PCs. If the time has come to upgrade employees’ desktop computers, Thin Client Virtual Desktops may let you do so at a fraction of the price. They don’t need expensive hardware to function as intended, and when computing improves in the future and you do want more powerful performance, making that upgrade to your servers or on the cloud will boost it without having to make an investment across every computer work station. Even if you’re not ready to invest in Thin Client Virtual Desktop hardware, this technology can still help you reduce costs by enabling you to repurpose aging PCs to run a purpose-built OS. Those old computers may not be able to run modern applications on their own, but you can continue to get value from that investment by transforming them until you’re really ready for a hardware purchase. Thin Client Virtual Desktops may not be a remedy for every affliction that today’s healthcare sector is facing, but they do offer an antidote for some of the most pressing issues. Thin Client Virtual Desktops protect healthcare companies from ransomware attacks, help you stay HIPAA compliant, offer unprecedented flexibility, and save money.

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