Thin Client & Zero Client Management Made Easy; The 10ZiG Manager Training Webinar

Master the key Functionalities of our Centralized Management Thin Client and Zero Client Software in just 30 Minutes!

Thursday, May 18, 11am PT / 2pm ET

At 10ZiG, one of the biggest things we like to do is make VDI life easier for IT professionals of all kinds. Sometimes the VDI world can get tricky. Your Thin Client & Zero Client Software for Centralized Management does not have to be; tricky, that is. You’ve got enough to deal with…

Make VDI Thin Client & Zero Client Management easier with our simple-to-understand, user-friendly, highly-functional “10ZiG Manager.” The 10ZiG Manager, server-console or web-console (Cloud), is always FREE with client purchase and makes endpoint management, configuration, and deployment efficient and effortless.

Our “How To” Training Webinar makes things even easier! 10ZiG will get you up and running with The 10ZiG Manager in just about 30 minutes. Whether you have The 10ZiG Manager, are in the planning phase of your VDI POC, or just simply interested… be sure to join us on May 18th as we walk you through the main functionalities of our sought-after, top-of-the-line Centralized Management Utility Software.

10ZiG offers the best in VDI Thin Client & Zero Client hardware and also backs it up with the best Centralized Management Software Utility. We listen to what the market dictates, and more importantly, to our customers… to develop and offer only the best in an up-to-date, cutting-edge endpoint management software program.

The 10ZiG Manager is known for many industry-wanted features including the highly-capable Thin Client Patch Management functionality, allowing for updates with just a few clicks… less hassle and frustration, yet more accuracy.

Thin Client Software & Zero Client Software Management Made Easy!

In just 30-minutes, you’ll easily be able to utilize The 10ZiG Manager to:

  • Schedule tasks and check their status
  • Create and apply a template
  • Update and manage an image
  • Configure for individuals and groups
  • Reset a unit to default
  • Conduct client automatic naming
  • Deploy a firmware update
  • Use VNC for coaching sessions
  • Generate reports
  • Remove a unit from a group
  • Delete units from a group
  • Rename a unit
  • Create, manage, and delete groups and subgroups

You’ll also walk away with several helpful “How-To” Videos as references, with topics like…

  • Installation/Quick Setup
  • Schedule Tasks
  • Firmware Updates
  • VNC Training
  • Creating/Editing Groups
  • And more!


Want to register, but need a jump start on your 10ZiG Manager Webinar experience? No problem. Get your Demo Unit and 10ZiG Manager at no cost for the next 30 days! Download the no-charge 10ZiG Manager HERE and/or get your FREE Demo Units(s) HERE… now!

10ZiG Technology is a world market leader in cutting-edge Thin Clients & Zero Clients. We live and breathe Thin & Zero technology, as it is our sole focus. With a wide range of clients to fit every virtual desktop solution, what sets us apart from the rest is our unsurpassed level of available and reliable customer service, our no-charge 10ZiG Manager Software; our no-registration, instant 3-Year Warranty with Advance Replacement program; and our hassle-free, 30-day Complimentary Demos.

Power. Speed. Performance. 10ZiG!