What Is a Thin Client And What Are Its Benefits?

Thin Client Definition

What is a Thin Client? Thin Clients will often cut the fat right out of unwanted spending, overuse of power consumption and space, noisy environments, unsafe lack of security, and more. A traditional Fat Client is a typical PC/tower. If you’re operating a business or school or government office… or, anywhere several end users are gathered, Fat Clients can have a big and undesirable effect on your IT front. They are loud, guzzle energy, take up room, and if anything goes wrong, your IT staff must come directly to the PC endpoint in order to get anything done – from upgrades to viruses, and everything in-between. A Thin Client is a lightweight, small piece of hardware designed for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions. Everything is stored on your server/data center and not on individual PCs.. A Thin Client is a low-cost, locked-down device that saves energy, IT resources, and includes utility software for centralized and easy management and deployment. It is a small form factor, solid-state hardware, and if you’re working with the right vendor, should come with a superior advanced warranty program. IT Professionals can manage and troubleshoot endpoints and assist their end users in just one, sometimes offsite, central location.

Thin Client VDI Environment

What is a Thin Client and VDI environment like? Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is all about moving desktop management from a local environment to a virtualized one. VDI is the practice of hosting workstation operating systems and applications on a server. End users can access virtualized operating systems and applications from any device including Thin (and Zero) Clients for VDI, as long as the device can connect to the host server. Because the operating systems and applications are virtualized, they can be accessed by devices running on different operating systems. Thin Clients are easier to deploy, manage, and maintain than Fat PCs. Centralized management software allows administrators to save time and money by maintaining all devices from a server; meaning upgrades, application deployments, and virus control can be centrally managed, rather than being handled individually at endpoint workstations. By design, Thin Client solutions don’t really have any moving parts, and therefore also provide a much longer life expectancy than a Fat Client/PC. When it comes to security, Thin Clients prevent end users from loading applications onto their own devices, which significantly reduces the risk of viruses. If you have considered or are headed in a VDI direction with your IT front, why continue to struggle with brash, energy-hungry, overpowered Fat PCs that run a local Windows, full-blown OS requiring regular patching, anti-virus, and imaging, etc? This just no longer make sense in today’s modern or remote IT environments.

Thin Client Device Support & Options

As a Thin Client endpoint user, you will have some degree of an internal operating system such as Linux or Windows (WES7/WE8S/W10loT). You will have no hard drive, but will have some local storage for customization of end user applications. You will be able to run and change multiple connection supported or certified brokers like VMware, Microsoft RDSH, Citrix, or Parallels. Hopefully, Thin Clients should come with a no-cost centralized management utility and Cloud capability option that is quick to install, get up and running, and can manage one or several central configurations with ease. Software and hardware support for graphic demand and multimedia acceleration for your set-up can provide anything from basic to high-level, including support of Full HD Audio/Video Flash, HTML5. Thin Clients are designed to work for specific Operating Systems (OS) and fully customized to work with related VDI platforms. Their cutting-edge technology can offer an end user very low level to very high level applications and graphics support. They come with a variation of connectivity ports and expansion slots as well as mounting options. Sometimes, their networking power can be Power over Ethernet (PoE)… and, if you’ve got a good vendor, not only does a centralized management software utility come with a client hardware purchase, it will be a no cost.

Thin Clients With 10ZiG

  • Operating Systems: Linux, WES7, WE8S, Windows 10IoT
  • Platform(s) Support: VMWare Horizon; PCoIP, Blast Extreme (H.264/H.265), RDP – Citrix; HDX Ready, HDX Premium, HDX 3D Pro – Microsoft VDI/RDSH – RDP – Parallels; Remote Application Service (RAS)
  • Applications/Graphics Support: Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer), iSeries/5250 Emulation, VNC (Shadowing), GStreamer, Window Play Media, Adobe Reader, PDF Viewer, Power Term, Office Viewers, Flash Support, and more
  • Display & Monitors: Single, Dual, Triple, and Quad Screen Support, DVI-Ds, DVI-Is, VGAs (with Converters), DisplayPorts
  • Connectivity: HDMI, DisplayPort, Internal Smart Card (CAC), Expansion Slot PCI, Parallel Port, Serial Port, USB 3.0 Ports, USB 2.0 Ports
  • Networking: 10/100/1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual band, Power over Ethernet (PoE), Fiber
  • Mountings: Vertical Stand, VESA Mounting Bracket
  • Centralized Management Utility: FREE Software with Device Purchase
  • Free Demo: FREE, 30 Days, No Obligation, Hassle-Free
  • Warranty: No-Cost, Advance Replacement
  • Cost: Competitively Priced
  • Tech Support: Available, Local, No-Charge, Friendly
  • HD Video/Audio, Flash/HTML5, video conferencing, 3D, CAD & 4K resolutions… supporting Dual, Triple, and even Quad Screen.

Thin Client 10ZiG Hardware

The 10ZiG Zero Client lineup below provides a solution for all user types, from task workers up through the most demanding power users.

Thin Clients: About 10ZiG

10ZiG Technology is a world-market leader in Thin Client & Zero Client endpoint devices for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and VDI security. 10ZiG provides leading Intel and AMD based Dual and Quad Core Thin Clients & Zero Clients for VMware Blast Extreme, Citrix HDX, Teradici PCoIP, Microsoft environments, and more. 10ZiG offers free, no-obligation demo devices, Technical Support teams based in the U.S. and U.K., and as mentioned, provides “The 10ZiG Manager,” our exclusive Centralized Management Software console with cloud capabilities, completely at no charge with unlimited user licenses supported. Get your free evaluation device today.