Will IT Admins be Ready for Teachers & Students?

10ZiG for Back To School: Stock, Affordability, and Tech Support

Now more than ever, IT Professionals rely on their computer set-ups at school, at home, or anywhere remote. Just as business professionals need to do business, teachers need to teach, and students need to learn – not spend time having or troubleshooting computer and communication problems. As a longtime leader in Thin & Zero Client Technology for Education, 10ZiG is very familiar with the challenges that IT Departments in school environments face when it comes to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and related hardware, software, and budget issues. Teachers and Students experience more focus, more productivity, and more learning with VDI and 10ZiG, whether in a traditional or remote classroom.

Affordable VDI Solution – In Classroom or Remote

Education needs affordable, reliable VDI classroom experiences and 10ZiG education endpoints with The 10ZiG ManagerTM are exactly that – directly in school or remote. They are IT Admins’ choice over fat PCs and other outdated devices – even other Thin or Zero Clients out there lacking features that won’t support today’s education communication demands. With 10ZiG Thin & Zero Client Endpoints and VDI combined, remote management is an affordable, easy, and reliable set-up. Deployment, configuration, maintenance, and upgrades can be achieved and even automated using The 10ZiG Manager centralized management software – whether traditional VDI, or Cloud, all supportive of DaaS and SaaS services. As teachers, there are fewer issues to contend with, and as IT Professionals, you are in control of troubleshooting and monitoring any issues that may occur without having to leave your own location. Most importantly as students, the learning process improves!

Communications VDI Solution – Any Class Situation

As part of today’s at-home or hybrid school scenarios, many of us out there are still continuing to experience difficulty setting up and maintaining webcam and audio connections with video communications no matter what tool – Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc, Here’s how 10ZiG can help:

  • 10ZiG utilizes the Client directly from our technology partners (like Citrix and VMware), allowing the inclusion of their features designed to enhance the performance of video (webcams) & audio (headsets)
  • Instead of typical USB redirection, these Partners utilize RTAV (for VMware) or RTME (for Citrix)
  • 10ZiG hardware supports video conferencing solutions for VMware Blast Extreme with RTAV, Citrix with RTME, Microsoft Teams addon, and more
  • Our line of NOSTM (next-to-no Operating System) Zero Client endpoints are a great fit from entry level to high demand user
  • Here’s one of our most requested devices for the Education Sector – 10ZiG 4648q NOS Zero Client Series
  • Add in The 10ZiG Manager, and class will be a grade A!

About 10ZiG

10ZiG is a leading Thin & Zero Client endpoint hardware and software provider for VDI, Cloud, DaaS, and SaaS. We provide leading Intel and AMD based, Dual and Quad Core Thin & Zero Clients for VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, and other environments. 10ZiG offers free, no-obligation demo devices, best-in-industry Technical Support teams based in the U.S. and Europe, and provides for FREE, Cloud-enabled “The 10ZiG Manager™