Are Virtual Desktop Endpoints Right for Your Industry?

Whether Banking & Financial, Retail, Health Care, Government, Military, Transportation, Education, Utilities, Real Estate, or something else – all industries in this day and age can truly benefit from a virtual desktop environment and related endpoints like Thin & Zero Client devices. This 10ZiG breaks things down a bit with some key industry insight from a VDI perspective.

Virtual Desktop Endpoints: Education Industry Demands

Focus, Quality, Quantity

Just like business professionals need to focus on business, in the world of Education, teachers need to focus on teaching – not spending time troubleshooting computer problems. Likewise, students need to be able to focus on learning. Schools and universities are turning to virtual desktop infrastructures requiring quality endpoints in large quantities for their high-demand teacher and student environments.VDI and the right endpoints take away workstation management, troubleshooting, and updates. The key thing to remember here is that while alternative virtual desktop devices are seemingly on-the-fly, cheap, and quick fixes – nothing can offer schools an enterprise classroom experience with value-class pricing like Thin or Zero Clients.

Virtual Desktop Endpoints: Banking/Financial Industry Demands

Security, Protection, Centralization

Financial and banking institutions are often targeted for breach of monetized data. Most financial organizations in this industry are aware of the risks they face and the potential devastation that just one single data breach can wreak. One of the ways they are avoiding this is the centralization of data. With VDI, it is far more effective to secure data within a central server in your data center. A manager software utility provides centralized configuring, maintenance, and control for endpoints, like Thin or Zero Client devices, which in turn enhances security, providing powerful protection against things like cyberthreats and viruses. Because financial data is stored on a central server, proprietary and sensitive organizational data is also safer from all forms of threats.

Virtual Desktop Endpoints: Health Care Industry Demands

Speed, Accessibility, Ease-of-Use

In the Health Care field, professionals need to take care of patients, not bothersome tech issues. This industry has been benefitting from VDI and Thin & Zero Clients with certifications like Imprivata® OneSign Single-Sign-On (SSO) for simplifying access to virtual desktops, for example. Health care professionals achieve speedy and highly secure access to clinical and administrative applications, streamlining workflow by stopping the need to repeatedly sign-in across multiple endpoints. Faster and easier access to patients’ records mean focusing on providing more efficient care. A flexible, reliable, and manageable solution for IT Managers in which they have no local OS to contend with, only the secure virtual desktop channel, is what more and more healthcare organizations prefer.

Virtual Desktop Endpoints: Government/Public Sector Industry Demands

Power, Endurance, Performance

The Government sector also demands a high level of security and endurance surrounding IT infrastructure and hardware. A VDI with Thin & Zero Client device environment is designed to fit the needs of this industry’s Federal, State, and Local establishments. Government services like defense and administration of justice in this industry often need customized, rack-mounted workstations, along with high-level security endpoints for virtual desktops. Thin or Zero Client devices in a VDI environment are becoming more common as high-profile data is centralized and stored in one server, and related hardware offers AES 256 and NSA Suite B cipher encryption, along with other serious performance features. Virtualized organizations can also attest to benefits of speed and security with this set-up.

Banking & Financial, Healthcare, Government and Education are just a few industry examples diving into virtual desktops and endpoints. Let’s not forget Manufacturing, Utilities, Real Estate, Military, Retail, Transportation, and more. If you find that you’re needing some of these industry demands from security to performance, you may want to consider what a virtual desktop environment can do for you.

Virtual Desktop Endpoints: 10ZiG for Your Industry Demands

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If you’re not certain to how to think about or make the above decisions, and which VDI endpoints might be right for you – you can reach us at [email protected] for a no-cost consultation.